Thin Botanicals Body Wrap

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Thin Botanicals Body Wrap

   One of my problem areas in my body is my tummy. It is one of the harder parts for me to flatten out and de-puff! Luckily, it seems that so many companies are now trying to cater to the problem areas most people have with wraps! I've seen people go in clinics and get their body wrapped in special material and/or with special creams or equipment to remove the extra body fluff. So when I saw a chance to be able to do those wraps at home, I jumped at the chance! Check out my review on the Thin Botanicals Body Wrap here!

Thin Botanicals Body Wrap
Thin Botanicals Body Wrap
Thin Botanicals Body Wrap
Thin Botanicals Body Wrap

What it is:
  • Immediate long term inch loss and body contouring. Customers report seeing weight loss and inch loss in all problem areas.
  • Detoxification process helps improve body metabolism while blocking the absorption of oils, sugars and starches.
  • Dissipates fats and toxins while tightening and toning loose skin.
  • Destroys cellulite and reduces stretch marks, especially after pregnancy. Easy to apply out of the box. NO MESS!
  • Clinically tested-100% natural herbs and plant extracts.
  • $39.99
Product description taken from here.

My Experience:
     So, this will be my first impression of this product because I honestly only tried it twice and did not finish the 5 wraps that were included in this package. The first time around, I wore it during my exercise and didn't measure my waistline at all. It was easy to apply, no burning sensation or annoying smell, but it has a minimal cooling feel to it. I wore it for a couple of hours, while studying and working out (elliptical machine) with a sauna belt on, and looked at myself in the mirror and saw no dramatic difference from when I started. But the second time I used it, I actually went and measured myself and my waistline was at 40.7 inches. This was the time have just finished a bag of Reeses' cups minis a day or two before and was definitely bloated from all that sugar. I went put it on with a sauna belt while studying and eventually worked out with it on. In between the workout, I was sneaking in more chocolate and chips when I felt hungry. At the end of the night and many hours later, I re-checked my waistline and it was about 39.7 inches. I lost an inch despite all the chocolate & chips! By the way, I have no pictures to show... because I frankly rather not take pictures of my big belly, haha. I hope y'all understand!

Overall thoughts:
     It was stated that this is best with diet and sports. Yes, I may have been using the aid of a sauna belt and elliptical machine, but I actually ate in between my workout. As I have said, my problem area is my tummy and it is extremely hard for me to flatten it out. The fact that this could help me lose an inch off my waist with only some effort on my part is pretty good! What more if I actually worked out harder and kept my diet clean? I'm pretty sure the results will be even more fantastic. I also felt like my tummy's skin felt a little tighter, as well. It may not have been a miracle product we probably all need, but this stuck to its claims and surprised even me!

Purchase your own Thin Botanicals Body Wrap here.
Check their out their website, too.

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