Product Review: The MyeSoul Glamorous Gold Long Straight Wig Ponytail

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MyeSoul offers high quality products with competitive price ranked from wedding & apparels, Cosplay & costumes, Lolita fashion, Fashion woman shoes and lingerie all over the world.

Read on to see what I got from them!

 What it is:

Product Name : Women's Glamorous Gold Long Straight Hair Wig Ponytails
Weight : 0.50kg
Wigs Length : Long Wigs
Cap Construction : Mono filament
Wigs Style : Wavy wigs
Wigs Fiber : Synthetic wigs
Product description taken from here.

What I like:
  • super long
  • beautiful gold color with highlights
  • actually pretty thick
  • despite packaging, it came it in beautiful

What I don't like:
  • not good to use clamp if you're not wearing a net or if you have thick hair
  • complicated getting clamp off
  • not easy to store on it's own
  • complicated in styling if you do not have blonde hair

What it looks on the mannequin...

What it looks on me...
I feel like I popstar trying to hide from the paparazzi? HAHA!

Notes: I took off the clamp on this wig, tied my hair into a bun, and use the hairnet to attach the wig to my bun!

Final thoughts:
Much respect to those who can rock wigs... it's not particularly easy to do especially when you're trying to make it work. This wig is pretty cool though and I probably just need time to get used to it or to styling it. I don't have blonde hair so it is essential for me to have a blonde eyebrow mascara (like what I used in the picture) and a scarf to cover the rest of my head. All in all, it's good if you like cosplay! I'll be heading to Anime Expo once again this year and I better learn how to rock the animated look if I want to fully integrate myself in the scene.

MyEsoul has more to offer other than wigs! They have cosplay costumes, dresses, lingerie, and (their bestseller) lollita dresses!

Check their stuff out at:

Thanks for reading!

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