The SHARKK BoomBox Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

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SHARKK BoomBox Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

It's summer time! And guess what I'm up to?! Ha! If it isn't obvious enough, I'm still dancing! The semester that just ended was full of dancing... then a bunch of serious stuff and school. But now, summer has come and it has officially become competition season! Last summer, I joined Choreology and entered the AXDance contest of Anime Expo 2013. My sister and I didn't really take the contest seriously back then. We focused more on the hip-hop dance team for the World of Dance Bay Area 2013 Competition, and so we came to Anime Expo unprepared. This year, with my new friends/teammates I met from the dance club I made in school, we are officially competing as our own group a.k.a. CLUB LOLLIPOP! Yes, my sister and I entered with the same group name last year, but now we are bigger crowd! 

Anyways, the problem my club faced the past two semester was having a music player. There would be times when we couldn't practice because we had none. In order to avoid this problem for this summer, I looked on Amazon and found this baby! Read on to see how it performed!

SHARKK BoomBox Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

What it is:
Raise the roof with the powerful 10W SHARKK Boombox Speaker. With the rechargeable, high capacity 2500 mAh polymer Li-ion battery, you can rock out with up to 10 hours consecutive playing time! Need to make a call, no problem! The built in HQ Mic allows you to easily make and receive calls right from your speaker! Among the supported media connections are: AUX Cable, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, with "siri" function.
    • Includes: 1 Speaker, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 3.5mm AUX Cable, 1 Power Adapter, User Manual.
    • $60 on
Product description taken from here.

SHARKK BoomBox Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker
SHARKK BoomBox Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker
Towards the end of practice... when my dancers were about to pass out. Haha!

What I like:
  • LOUD despite the size.
  • Small. Easy to carry around.
  • Battery life is amazing. We practice for 6 hours and it can go on beyond that.
  • Bass is pretty good.
  • Nice design.
  • Came with a pouch.
  • Feels like it is of great quality.

What I don't like:
  • Nothing. Well maybe the price...? This is not cheap. But then again, when you consider the functions and price of other competitors.. then nothing really.

Final thoughts:
My first purchase from Amazon... I've been using this for more than a week now and it's been doing great! I was initially going for the 6W speakers of this brand and other brands considering that I purchased, used and returned a 3W speaker for a previous video project outdoors and thought that it did a decent job in providing music. But I felt like the louder, the better. If 10W or $60 is too much for you, you can check out the Sharkk's 6W speakers or it's competitors that all range from $20-30. All in all, I think this was a great purchase. Now, I just hope it will last me awhile, haha!

Club Lollipop 2.0 hard at work.

Thanks for reading!

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