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This is me, after a long afternoon of product & face shots  for my blog which I haven't done for a long time now :P

Hello everyone!

     As of today, it's been a month since I turned another year older. I know, this is late like always! Haha! Forgive me. But honestly, I was going through some issues that was related to becoming a year older. But fear not, it's all good now. I suddenly realized that whatever I was feeling is unnecessary and unproductive. I also realized that I've had a good life so far and a lot of other revelations! 

I listed the "12 Things I learned in my life so far" and the "Twenty-five things I must fullfill before becoming another year older". It's pretty long, though. But if you're interested, feel free to read more! 

  1. You should never, ever, ever push yourself to be-friend anyone. If you have to do so much things just for people to like you and they don't reciprocate those efforts, they probably don't even like you. And, from personal experience, those people turn out to be the bitches that you'd wanna strangle later, haha! 
  2. Those who truly like you will show it. After getting stabbed so much by the bitches that I regret ever even come to knowing, I kept my distance from others. I put out a clear line putting people in place where we can still interact but never ever get intimate with. It took me a year to let my dance club babies in the "fortress" I built up to protect me from ever getting hurt again. When I was there to just do my job, they kept showing so much appreciation (surprise flowers, gifts, letters, and just saying thanks all the time) and even called me their "mother". Out of all the years I have taught dance, this was the first time I felt so loved for what I had to offer. I was numbed by all the times I gave, thinking that the people I gave to were special to me, but in the end, abandon me... as if I were nothing. Sob story, but true. It happened way too many times. But I guess I should have remembered my saying when it comes to love which is "If there is the slightest bit of doubt, just stay away". I should have known that applied to friendship, too. I was too naive to think that everyone can be friends. It could be so, but you just have learn to pick the right ones!
  3. People will come and go... and there's nothing you can do, but accept it. You have to keep moving on, meeting people. It's no use forcing people to stay in your life. It's a painful, unproductive, extremely time-consuming, and emotionally-draining. Don't do it.
  4. Being different is good and is nothing to be ashamed of. The past year, I have lived in pressure to fit a standard because of one part of my life. It felt like I regressed because those people started following me on all my social media accounts. The sad part is that it felt like I saw myself starting to disappear. I will never do that again! All you hipsters can go away! You go live your sad life somewhere else! I'm happy with who I am and will show it! Go do what you like and you will definitely find people who you could relate with and maybe become friends with.
  5. Never stop doing what you're doing. I've seen myself climb to that top, but then I stopped. Then when I try to put back the pieces, everyone who was struggling under me has taken my place while I'm rock bottom again. Fortunately, I'm on my way back!
  6. You're never too old to do anything. Right when I finished nursing, I thought everything fun in my life was over. But I was wrong! I did everything I couldn't do back when I was in nursing school! I took up acting, interesting psychology classes, choreographed for theater, was in a hip-hop dance team, founded a dance club at my local community college, taught even more people how to dance and transformed them into a winning competing team, learned how to make and take videos, and much more. Age is just a number. It's what you do with your life, not how old you are.
  7. Be open to opportunities. If I kept saying no, everything I mentioned in number 6 would have never happened. I would probably have never experienced so many wonderful things this past year. I know I was reluctant to even audition for the dance team ( I was still unsure when the director asked me to audition!) or I felt unworthy to even open up a club even if I was requested to. Being a busy bee and sweating it out is better than the hipsters who sit in their butts all day criticizing everything, thinking that doing nothing is cool.
  8. Everything good will happen in it's own time. I honestly felt depressed and worthless when I learned that cannot take the NCLEX in time after graduating. I felt even lower than low when more time passed after that. All my friends from nursing school, moved on with their lives as professional nurses. While I was stuck, feeling sorry for myself because I couldn't take the exam. But if I did start working the past year, I would have never ever been open the opportunities that were presented to me. Again, I would have never been so blessed with the numerous experiences I gained the past year. All you need is patience and know that things happen for a reason.
  9. Know what you want. Don't just follow trends because everyone is doing it or just because it followed you. You think there's so much hype, then you realize it isn't you at all. Then you find yourself regretting it down the line.
  10. Be good, but stand up for yourself. My lack of confidence in new surroundings has made people (even those who are so self-entitled but are practically nobodies) think they could step on me... and they did. I've been quiet and the peacekeeper, avoiding trouble. But when I felt that I was too hurt and stood up for myself, people were taken aback and saw me as the "aggressive" one. Especially if you know that you own it, act like it! Be nice in the process, but make sure everyone knows not to mess with you.
  11. Imitation in the best form of flattery. The better you get, the more "fans" you get. And it's nothing to be mad about ;)
  12. And the last thing I learned is that no matter how excruciating, heartbreaking, infuriating, embarrassing, and even difficult a moment is, it will pass. Don't get caught up and just let it be. Whatever it is, just breathe and let God.

On to my to do list for the next 11 months!

Pass the NCLEX.

The following will be done right after I pass the NCLEX:
Start working and getting money.
Build up my wardrobe.
Keep going to dance workshops.
Audition for an adult dance team and pass.
Get that black belt or at least red belt in Taekwondo.
Get my overflowing makeup collection some organizers.
Re-visit the Philippines.
Party hard with friends/uni buddies.
Do a blog giveaway with awesome prizes.
Collect a lot of bikinis swimwear.
Expand my shoe collection.
Meet blogger friends.

To be done anyways:
Keep making dances and learning new ones.
Upload a dance video every other week, at least.
Learn how to take better pictures and videos.
Learn how to talk again. 
Get back to my fit weight.
Take care of my hair.
Discover new places.
Go on numerous adventures.
Read more than 10 books.
Use up most my makeup.
Keep learning new makeup & hair styles.
Keep blogging, no matter what.
Well, that's all I could think about right now :P
But definitely, I know I would like to be make life as colorful and fun as possible!


Thanks for reading!

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