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I do!!!!!
     I remember a few years back when certain acquaintances on Facebook shared their secret getaway to Calaguas, a beautiful and then-remote island. They had the hook-up and were able to visit this place (with a jetski or two) because they were well-connected. Ever since I found out about the beautiful beach, I knew that I would always want to go there someday! 

I mean, just look at the place!
So beautiful, right??!
Pictures taken from here (click on it to see more!).

     This place seems like a semi-difficult place to visit even until now... but unlike before, there is a travel agency that can take care of everything from transportation to even food!!!

They'll schedule everything for you.
Prices vary depending on how long you want to stay and how much you want to be taken care of, which is pretty cool.

Visit their social media sites for more info:

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  1. Wowowowow. This is so nice. It looks like one of the beaches in Pangasinan too. <3
    Spices & Everything Nice

    1. Yup, but so much closer to our hometown, right?! :D


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