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Here's another haul from Marshall's! And since it was from a few weeks back, this haul comes with mini reviews! Read on to see what's up with these products ^^

Argan Magic Moisturizing Conditioner
The Argan Magic Moisturizing Conditioner - $9.99
     Pretty pricey for just conditioner. You can pick up something as big as this in Target for $3 to $5. What I think? It's okay. It wasn't spectacular in seriously reviving my dry & damaged hair despite having Argan Oil as the main ingredient.  I won't be repurchasing this.

Argan Magic Instant Dry Shampoo
Argan Magic Instant Dry Shampoo - $5.99
     I know I enjoyed the Batiste Dry Shampoo (which is the same price yet bigger than this), but I thought I should try out other dry shampoos like this. And how did that decision go? I don't like this at all. It has a white cast when applied, it smells weird, and it doesn't do much refreshing my hair nor volumizing it. Once again, Argan Magic didn't impress and I will not repurchase.

Yurbuds Sports Earphones with Mic
Yurbuds Sports Earphones - $12.99
     For years now, my most trusted earphones brand was Skullcandy. But ever since my mum bought me the "smaller earhole" edition of this, it became an essential to my life. This is actually my second pair! I'm quite clumsy with my earphones (I lose them somewhere, lol), but I can really tell that this is great quality. I know that other brands just fall apart effortlessly and this one doesn't. I really like the they have it made to never fall out your ear especially when you're moving, because that is what I need. This particular one comes with a mic, too! It gets cheaper when there isn't a mic. But yes, Yurbuds is now a definitely favorite for sure.

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