Backpacks Under $25 on Ebay

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Backpacks under $25 on Ebay.
     So there I was once again...on Ebay. I was searching for backpacks that would be perfect for all the travelling I'll be doing this summer. It's because Influenster sent me another gift card to spend on Ebay! And I am more the excited because this girl is low on moolah (what's new?). Anyways, I was looking for something that would be a good travel buddy and Ebay is like a treasure chest of so many options! If you look at my picks above, I was torn from choosing something classy (black leather bag), edgy (black leather bag with camo print & studs), fun (galaxy print & mustache bags) or laid back (camo satchel). It took me a couple of days to search and choose (there was a lot more to my picks actually!), but I had to narrow it down to something that will arrive to my door before the end of May, something hopefully high quality and will hold during my travels (I am a heavy packer), affordable ($25 budget only!), and will match my style. What is my style you may ask? I'm typically dorky, but I feel edgy when the limelight hits...yet I wanna feel classy or feminine. See my problem? Anyways, I already ordered my bag...yes, I finally narrowed it down! It's coming in next week and I'll share it with you all.

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Which bag are you feeling?

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