Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub

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Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub
It's summer time and I literally have not shown my legs for a year until this season! It's definitely time for a good scrubbing before I flaunt my legs to the world! Good thing that I was sent this Dead Sea Salt Scrub to try out. Read on to see my thoughts on this one.

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub

What it is:
Made with Real Dead Sea Salt - 100% Pure and Genuine for an infusion of 21 Minerals Essential to Proper Skin Function. Great Exfoliator and Moisturizer. 
  • Fine Grain Dead Sea Salts Exfoliate the Top Layer of Dead Skin Cells to Reveal a New Younger Looking Layer of Radiant Skin. 
  • Deeply Moisturizing Oils Infuse Skin With Luxurious Hydration that Lasts All Day 
  • Works Great in The Shower or Bath - Also a Great Hand Exfoliator to use in the Sink or Foot Scrub 
Adovia Mineral Skin Care has been producing skin care products for ten years with thousands of satisfied customers and a proven track record. Our formulation experts specialize in hair & skin care products made from Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt. Our products are 100% CRUELTY FREE and Never Tested on Animals.
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Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub

What I think:
     I find this tub of blue salt so relaxing even by just looking at it! Is that weird? It must be the Ocean Breeze, haha! Anyways, the sea salt is fine, indeed. It won't hurt you because it is gentle. Plus, the solution the salts are dipped in are seriously luxuriously hydrating and moisturizing! I feel uber smooth and soft after scrubbing myself down at the end of my shower. But along with the fresh scent, it may smell a little medicated somewhat, so watch out for that. But all in all, I love it. I will scrub myself down more with it since my legs will be exposed more.

You can purchase your own tub here.

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  1. Wow. Sounds great. I can't wait to see you flaunt your beautiful legs.

    www, | Spices and Everything Nice.

  2. Is it gentle enough for the face? It looks so refreshing with the blue gel like hue. :)
    Cindy C

    1. I think it's fine for the face! Yup! It is refreshing! :D

  3. Wow this sounds great and looks like it would feel great applying it to the skin.

    Thanks so much for sharing!



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