My Milly Bridal Picks + Dress Tips!

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     With the Star Magic Ball that just passed in the Philippines and many young girls all over will be preparing for their Winter Ball and even Prom soon. I headed over to Milly Bridal for some inspiration of dresses I would wear for those fab occasions! Read on to read my tips in picking a dress and see my picks better!

     First of all, I am not at all skinny. Growing up, I used to be leaner, but I have always been an "Inverted Triangle" shape. What does that mean? I have a bigger upper body which narrows down to my feet. It was never has an issue in most of my teenage years wherein I could wear whatever style I wanted. But as I got older and my metabolism and physical activity has lessened, it has become a struggle to find an outfit. But through the years I realized what I needed in a dress. If you have broader shoulders, bigger boobs, and a rounder tummy, these are my tips for you:

  1. Forget the body con types of dresses. These will accentuate your excess tummy fat.
  2. Look for dresses that provides a lot of support for your boobs & side boobs. This could help making your upper body look smaller.
  3. Pick dresses with the skirt part starting directly below your boobs and that has a lot of fluffy fabric. This will not only hide the belly fat, but it will balance out your broad upper body.

Got that? Time to check out my Milly Bridal picks for every theme!

I like this dress because the color is oozing with seduction. Classic, yet seductive.

The color and the design makes me think of an old school movie (ala Audrey Hepburn) and a really elegant princess. 

Probably what a super edgy girl would pick. A rebel in a gown!

Super fun and super girly while showing off the legs! And no joke, I think this is the style of dress my younger sister rocked for her debut in 2012! She's bigger than me, but she look amazing in it!

If you're looking for long prom dresses or any dress for any occasion, don't forget to check out Milly Bridal.

Thanks for reading!

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