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     Early this year, I was given a chance to review some cool Radha Beauty products. And not only were they kind enough to send me three products already, but they also chose me as one of the top three blog posts to be sent even more of their beauty stuff! Cool, isn't it?! I was so ecstatic when they notified me and even more so when I got this package! It's been months now since I've gotten this package and I'm only now sharing it with you all (haha, sorry!)... If you like skin care, you'd want to stick around! Essential oils can be great for your skin and other things, as well.  Read on to see what these babies can do!
     Ideally used to uplift the spirit and provide a calming environment, it is also ideal for incorporating into your daily healthcare routine. Lavender oil can reduce anxious behaviors, provide reduction in pain relief, help disinfect the skin, and aid in healing both respiratory and circulatory issues

     Peppermint oil is used as a medicinal or calming aroma, as well as treatment for a wide variety of bodily organs. It can be helpful in calming gastrointestinal issues, reducing muscle pain, and relieving anxiety. It can also be used to naturally freshen up a room or for other household purposes. 

     Liven up skin and hair with the deep moisturizing properties of Argan oil. It helps repair damaged skin, split ends, and brittle hair. It also aids in taming problematic frizz and improving natural nail strength. This oil locks in the perfect amount of moisture to promote fast healing for acne, hydration of the skin, and promotes luscious-looking hair, while also combating aging effects. Argan oil can be applied independently of other products or as a carrier oil to pair with our other oils in multipurpose use.

     Because of its richness in vitamins A (trans-retinoic acid), C, & E, this oil could reduce blemishes and premature aging effects. It helps to boost skin brightness to a natural, luminous glow.

     With a high concentration of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it helps supplement a high dosage of antioxidants, UV protection, and anti-aging treatment to the skin. In addition, capric acid and caprylic acid (saturated fats) aid in hydration of the skin and may add a protective layer against bacteria and other skin irritators. Fractionated coconut oil can be applied independently of other products or as our recommended carrier oil to pair with our other oils in multipurpose use—such as in cosmetics, aromatherapy, medicinal care, and hair care.

     So much to digest in one post, huh? Well, let me just talk about my absolute favorite from the bunch... that would be the Radha Rosehip Oil! I grew up hearing about the wonderful things Rosehip oil can do, but I learned early on that it was hard to find or expensive (in the Philippines). Anyways, I have been using it so much since I got it and it helped a lot with my skin! I should probably make a separate post for this! Anyways, these oils are great quality and lovely for skin care! If you can, try them out!

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