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     It's been awhile since I shared a haul on stuff I picked up from Marshall's (a discount store). I am really excited for this haul because I picked up something pretty good, not only for the price, but also the fact I picked up something I've been wanting to collect and a youtube favorite!

Britney Spears' Curious Perfume - $8
     Finally picked up my first ever idol's first ever perfume! I don't care if it's no longer new... I've made a mental note to myself to eventually own everything she comes out with! Curious smells musky and sexy... the name is perfect for it! Don't under estimate Brit's scents , Elizabeth Arden co-created these scents. I need to pick up her famous scents, as well!

Body Prescriptions Cucumber Infused Cleansing Wipes -  $4
     Because I needed new makeup wipes! If you buy these in store, it'll be more that $5... so why not get something made with cucumber and so much cheaper??

Sencha Green Tea Latte - $9
     Ever since I learned how to make a homemade version of Starbucks' Green Tea Frappucino, I've been meaning to find a new brand of green tea matcha to consume. This particular one has Chai, making it slightly spicy, and isn't bitter like regular matcha, making it ready to mix in with water or milk by itself. Yup, I enjoy drinking this!

Laura Geller Sweet Sensations Set - $25
     I was looking through the clearance section and found this amidst the pile of trashed products (some people open up stuff..and ruin the product.. and its disgusting sometimes)! Its' probably not the cheapest find, but it contains the youtube famous highlighter, Gilded Honey! That, itself, is $26... and everything else in this set is usually $20+ anyways. This is the first time I've encountered Laura Geller and it looks like I'm going in hard trying so many products all at once! Plus, the usual price of this discounted set is $39 and I got it for only $25, pretty sweet for sure! I'm so excited to use everything and review it all for you! 

Have you done some discount shopping lately?
Thanks for reading!

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