Comfort with the Original Bamboo Pillow

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       Personally, I really really really love pillows! It'll be really uncomfortable for me to not have at least five when I sleep. So when I was given a chance to try a different kind of pillow, made of bamboo to be exact, I didn't want to miss out trying it! Read on to see what this pillow did for me!

About this pillow:
Have you ever wanted a customized pillow that was made just the way you like it? This pillow is different from all other pillows on the market. The Adjustable Original Bamboo Pillow allows users to simply unzip the inner liner to adjust the amount of memory foam in the pillow. No other pillow on the market has this built in customization feature. 
Transform Your Bedroom With The Original Bamboo.
Regular pillows lack the support that many people need while they sleep, causing back and neck pain. Other memory foam pillows don't provide adequate airflow to keep the pillow cool and comfortable. 
Our pillow is the best of both worlds. Not only does it have the perfect amount of support for any sleeper, it is also made of shredded memory foam to provide amplified airflow. Airflow help keeps you cool making this pillow the best choice for everyone. Treat yourself to the luxury of top rated five star hotels every single night.
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What I think:
      It doesn't feel empty like some pillows, therefore providing really good support for my head and neck. This one came in the queen size and perfect for my use. The pillow itself looks cool with their bamboo design. It feels cool for the head, as well! If you're looking for the next best pillow to use, check this out!
Purchase your own Original Bamboo Pillow here.
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