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       It's Friday once again and I got another accessory to share with y'all! You all know I love sunglasses and have been ever since college days! But this time, this pair seems to be really different from everything I've tried. Why? Because this pair of sunnies is made of bamboo!!! Read more to see this unique pair in action!

      COR Surf usually makes quality surfboard racks to display every surfer's prized possession. And now they added another accessory for all you water lovers:
The new COR Surf Bamboo Sunglasses is our latest innovation. Made from Eco-Friendly sustainable wood, the Bamboo sunglasses are designed in the classic Wayfarer style, similar to Oakley or Ray Bans, but made with 100% bamboo. There is no plastic anywhere on these glasses. The Bamboo sunglasses are built to last and also float! Take a minute and browse around the site to see all of our board racks and quality products.
Product description taken from here

Here are some shots of me wearing it!
     I, honestly, love these sunnies! Not only they're eco-friendly, lightweight, the fact that it can float on water & how pretty it is... it also fits my Asian nose! It also comes with a cool bamboo case for super protection! I went ahead and took this out to our local beach, Del Monte Beach, here at Monterey, California and found how fitting it is because these sunnies belong where the waves and sand are. Even if it is partially winter, I'm happy that I was able to enjoy a nice bright day (amidst all the rain all week) with these protecting my eyes & being a wonderful accessory!

Sometimes, I forget how close I live to paradise... so here's a little drama with my bamboo sunglasses COR Surf sent me to try out!
Check out more of COR Surf here.
And you can buy the same pair of bamboo glasses here.
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