Miss Landson "NOTHING LEFT" Makeup Remover Cloth

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Miss Landson "NOTHING LEFT" Makeup Remover Cloth

      A makeup lover must know that it is very important to cleanse the face at the end of the day. Currently, I use coconut oil with tissues to take off it all off, initially. But this is new! Apparently, this amazing cloth should be able to take off all that junk without the use of any product aside from water. Read on to see what I think about this!

Miss Landson "NOTHING LEFT" Makeup Remover Cloth
Miss Landson "NOTHING LEFT" Makeup Remover Cloth

What it is:
The Miss Landson makeup remover is the perfect, all natural solution for hassle free, quick and healthy makeup removal.
  •  Removes all of your makeup with just water, like magic! 
  •  Removes mascara including waterproof mascara in seconds 
  •  Machine washable and no stains remain Up to 1000 times use 
  •  Get a better skin and save the environment 
  •  Chemical free finest soft & high water absorption cloth 
  •  Perfect for Halloween Makeup Removing 
 Use one side to gently remove your makeup, and then flip over to the other side to exfoliate. Up to 1000 times use, it will save you thousands. The cloth is machine washable and chemical free. No need for any more expensive, chemical based makeup removers. It is made with the finest soft material, which offers high water absorption, meaning the most difficult make-up can be removed in the most comfortable way, whilst leaving your skin chemical free and healthy. 
More product details here.

Miss Landson "NOTHING LEFT" Makeup Remover Cloth
What I think:
     A very soft and pretty pink towel. I have tried it by itself and water to remove my thick makeup, it resulted to the removal of probably 90% of my makeup. I usually use some makeup remover (coconut oil at the moment) with tissue and that works for me. I tried doing that after using the Miss Landson towel and there were still some remnants left, more especially with the eyeliner and mascara. Despite that, this towel worked pretty well with no other product than just water. I feel that this works better when you put a cleanser or makeup remover in this towel. Although, it did perfectly well to remove multiple lipsticks and keep my lips soft and far from burning up when I attempted to do a swatch video. I loved it for that! I also like how I fully use this in my face cleansing routine, it lessens the need to waste running water and have it splash all over you. Plus, it is easy to wash after each use (I use Baby Shampoo) and saves me from creating more trash with all the tissues I would usually use to remove my makeup. I definitely love having this around now!

Miss Landson "NOTHING LEFT" Makeup Remover Cloth
I got this in exchange for my honest review.
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