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      So, here's something I probably haven't mentioned in my blog... my phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 5! I have a purchased a case similar to the one I use for my Galaxy Tab 4, so when I got the chance to try another style... I did! Check out my thoughts of this one from CacheAlaska!

A rugged looking case that gives decent protection to my Note 5. After using something that covers my phone well, this feels a a tad bit thin. I almost feel like the cover on the front part may not save my phone from cracking if it falls, but that's compared to my thicker case. I love the fact it comes with a thick plastic-y/glass-like screen protector and that it comes with an alcohol prep pad & a microfiber towel. It also has a wonderful kickstand that makes it so easy to when I want to watch videos. But again, the kickstand feels a little flimsy... so be careful. The buttons are functional and easy to push. All in all, pretty good.

I got this for free in exchange for my honest review. 
You can purchase your own here.
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