Beauty Lally Brush Set!

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Beauty Lally Brush Set!
      Having the right brush for makeup application is important. It can definitely help speed up the process or totally ruin you're look. So, isn't it better to buy a whole set that does everything for you? Today, I'm reviewing this aesthetically pleasing brush set (yes, look how plushy they are!) from Beauty Lally! Read on to see my review!

Beauty Lally Brush Set!
Beauty Lally Brush Set!
Beauty Lally Brush Set - Compact Mirror
The brush set includes a travel case that can act as a brush holder and a compact mirror for convenience!

Beauty Lally Brush Set!

The brushes:
Makeup Brush, Flat Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, Powder Brush, Blush & Bronzer Brush, Shimmer Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Eye Shadow Blur Brush, Eyebrows Brush, and Lips Brush.

My review:
     Currently the most beautiful brushes I own! It is my favorite type and honestly it is the best type of brushes, the kabuki type! And this just works the best! It came with all the brushes you would need and it also has a travel case that doubles as a brush holder & a compact mirror. The brushes were clean when it came in and, when I actually washed them, it did not shed at all! It is also, most importantly, very soft on the skin. No, prickly sensation here! Plus, it looks so elegant and not cheap at all. It's a little pricey ($30), but it comes with great quality and the tube brush case & mirror. And, oh yeah, this reminds of a Sigma brush set which is almost $200... so, if you are considering a brush similar to the one from Sigma, save some money with this one without sacrificing quality! 

I adore this so much that I'll make sure to feature using this in a video soon in my youtube channel!
Beauty Lally Brush Set!
This was sent to me for my honest review.
Purchase your own Beauty Lally Brush Set HERE.

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