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The Zzzquil Influenster Voxbox!

The Zzzquil Influenster Voxbox!
     Well, this voxbox came in a good time! I'm really busy at the moment... a lot of studying actually and that's why I haven't been blogging lately and not regularly posting up beauty videos consistently (I'll get back on it soon). And with that, yes, I am stressed and like my University days... I suffer from insomnia tremendously. So, it is a good time to try this sleep aid out!

Beauty Lally Brush Set!

Beauty Lally Brush Set!
      Having the right brush for makeup application is important. It can definitely help speed up the process or totally ruin you're look. So, isn't it better to buy a whole set that does everything for you? Today, I'm reviewing this aesthetically pleasing brush set (yes, look how plushy they are!) from Beauty Lally! Read on to see my review!

Hidden Gems at TJ MAXX!

      I know.. I know... Another haul? Sorry... If you saw the makeup that I saw, you'd feel the same way! Anyways, this is a way to show you that you don't need to go to Sephora or Ulta to spot amazing finds... Plus, everything is priced beautifully! If you want to watch me go through these thing quickly, watch my haul video! I'm going to list the original prices down below if I can find it online... no, not the one on the sticker because their initial original prices can be more than the ones on the sticker! So read on!

The Estee Edit Voxbox by Influenster!

The Estee Edit Voxbox by Influenster
      This is probably the most exciting Influenster voxbox I received yet! The Estee Edit comes from Estee Lauder. It looks as luxurious as Estee Lauder but this is target to their younger fans. I filmed myself using this, you can watch it below, but read on for more details!

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