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My Interview with JUNNYAN @ ANIME EXPO 2015 [VKH-PRESS]

Junnyan at Anime Expo 2015

     Founder of the world-renowned Harajuku Fashion Walk, Junnyan wears many hats as an authority on Japanese street fashion and kawaii culture. Known as the Harajuku Kawaii Boy, Junnyan’s work ranges from photographing Japan’s unique fashion and art culture on his blog “Harajuku Kids,” to DJing and hosting his own events in Harajuku. Junnyan has been featured in countless TV interviews and featured in magazines such as KERA for his unique and expressive fashion style representing modern Japanese street fashion.
Description taken from the Anime Expo website.


Anime Expo 2015
      Wow. It's officially the first of August and this post is almost a month late. Well, it's only been a month and that's not too bad considering I take more time in the usual, haha! This has been my 3rd year attending the biggest anime convention in the US and it was been different from the first two times. I worked as a reporter for VKH-Press and it definitely was a unique experience. I already have bought a pass the year before, but because of work, I was provided with a Press Pass which pretty much gave me VIP access. I wish we brought one more person, it was a waste of a badge money, lol. This post is a mixture of my instagram pix and dslr pics, so pardon the quality. And yes, ANDREA is my real name... just saying. Read on to see how it went for me.

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My First Ebay Haul feat. Influenster!

Remember my Under $25 Finds on Ebay post? Well, I have made my first purchase on Ebay with the gift card Influenster sent me! Check out what I got my hands on!

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