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     So here's something new... I uploaded a makeup video!!! Whoa! I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but so many things were in the way. Now that I feel I'm decent in doing makeup and I finally got a set-up I'm comfortable with, I went ahead and filmed this the other day right before my last video. This is my makeup when I go through my everyday life when I need a decent face to put on with being over the top. I even do this in the car when I have no time to do it at home! If you want to see how I did it, watch the video! If you want more details on what I used, read down below!


     So the queen is back and she's badder than ever! How is it not appropriate to greet everyone with the heartwarming song? LOL. Unlike the usual wherein I write all my feeling down about a KPOP video, my sister and I actually went ahead and filmed our first reaction to her dance video. Watch it down below or read on for more of my insights!

Irregular Choice x Star Wars @ JapanLA

    You've seen me post about JapanLa twice on my blog because I've seen their work during Anime Expo 2015 here & here. I, honestly, got very interested in their pieces and have been following them ever since. If you like cute and fashionable pieces... and even Star Wars, JapanLa has an awesome collaboration between Irregular Choice and Star Wars up since October 30th! Read on to see my top 6 choices!

Laura Geller Sweet Sensations Set

Laura Geller Sweet Sensations Set
If you read yesterday's post, I've hauled this from Marshall's for a pretty sweet price! But why on earth would I buy this set in the first place? It must that pretty golden thing... but read on to see what it really is!

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