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Anime Expo 2014 Day 2

 Fashion Show + AX Dance Kpop Dance Battle Semi-Finals BTS

July 3, 2014
Los Angeles Convention Center

We spent this day competing for the Kpop Dance Battle Semi-Finals. I thought only three, like last year, were heading to the finals. So we were surprised that we, Club Lollipop, got in! About half the competition was eliminated and we're grateful to be part of the talented pool of finalists! After that, we spent all night at our hotel gym practicing for both the Jpop and Kpop Finals! Weew!

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  1. I hope I can go tho Expos like this as well. ♥
    By the way, I tagged you gorgeous!!! ♥
    Link me back on the "comment box" once you're done.

    1. I hope you do! It's so fun!
      And thank you for the tag! ^^


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