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KPop Mondays: Wonder Girls' Yoo Bin.

Yoo Bin of Wonder Girls for Singles Magazine.
Wonder Girls' Badass Sexy Rapper, Yoo Bin, graced the pages for S. Korea's magazine called Singles... And wow! She is a stunner! Isn't she?! 

They did this shoot in a hotel room...

As much as I idolize her... I'm not a fan of how they make women into sex symbols...
I mean... why does it always have to be in a hotel room or on a bed???
Ohh well.

I definitely love her blonde hair and her eye makeup!
Overall, this reminds me to stay disciplined and work hard in keeping in shape!

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  1. This is the first time I've seen her. She's stunning!!!!!!

  2. Yes! Her hair and eye make up are stunning!:)

  3. She looked really beautiful! And I love the pieces she wore. :)

  4. She's one of my guy friend's crush!
    I blogged about my girl crush here:

    Hope you can visit my blog, too! <3 Thank you!

  5. @Noelle: yup! thanks for dropping by :)

    @France: Haha. He has good taste :)


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