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     Woah! It's been way too long since I posted up a new dance video, let alone a dance video I haven't made the steps to. Yup, it has been awhile since I learned something new from someone else and I must say I felt slightly rusty. Reasons for picking this song/dance? Itano Tomomi. Her 1% Dance Trial opened up my eyes to J-POP Dance and it just so happens that opportunity for Japanese Pop Dance opened up soon after. But I became busy honing other people's talent (whether or not it existed), so I haven't made a solo dance cover or any solo dance since 2013. But as life would have it, people come and go in your life and. thankfully, with J-Pop Summit 2015 opening up the possibility of doing both solo and groups acts, it feels like a good time to do things how it started, solo. 

Itano Tomomi - Dear J - Dance Cover by Bee.

     I only sorta learned the choreo for two short nights before filming. But the video is just a mini dance cover of what I actually would like to perform, if chosen to appear on stage at J-Pop Summit Festival 2015.  So I do hope I get the chance to show everyone the whole thing! Crossing my fingers!

Check out my first ever J-Pop Dance Cover to Itano Tomomi's "1%" here.

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