My E.L.F. Essential Line Brushes

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Hey Guys!
Let me take the time to share my collection of E.L.F. Essential Line Brushes!
Some of them I've owned for awhile (like when I was living in the Philippines for university) and the others where seen in my past drugstore hauls.

E.L.F. Essentials Blushing, Bronzing, Blending Brush.
Yes, I did use medium sized angle brush for blushing and bronzing. The size of the brush makes contouring/bronzing more precise than using a big face brush (which I tend to do because I'm so lazy in using another brush) and helps you control how much blush you want on. I also used this for highlighting my cheeks and forehead, as well.

E.L.F Essential Foundation Brush.
Excuse the chipping... I've washed it many times in hot water (bad idea!) and so it chipped. I used this for my concealer and if you're not patient it will definitely leave streak marks on your face. I don't think this is a necessity for me now since I'm fine concealing with just my fingers and I use powder foundation more.

E.L.F. Essential Blending Eye Brush.
I love this for blending eye shadows on my crease and outer V. 
I'm glad I have this because it allows me to experiment more with eye looks.

E.L.F. Essential Eye Shadow Brush.
This is truly an essential brush for it does the most basic eye shadow technique without fail. XD

E.L.F. Essential Concealer Brush.
Forgive the staining of the bristles!  I actually haven't actually used this any concealing which I think would take forever if I use this tiny brush... but I have used it to line my eyes with eye shadows (which would explain the stain) and it does pretty fine like that!  Its bristles are upright and sturdy making it fine for lining the eyes... not flimsy and useless at all like the eyeliner brush I got from Etude House (which I use as a lip brush at times).

I basically like how these are all affordable in the U.S. ($1), it is decent especially if you're starting out with makeup and if you're on a budget. They're not the softest brushes in the world but they aren't at all unforgivably "prickly" either... only a tiny bit if you're picky. They also do not shed at all! I've tried using cheap brushes in the Philippines, but it just made me look like I've just plucked like crazy and forgot to brush of the hairs off my face. You can depend that these brushes won't be anything like that. I've tried the total face brush and recommended it to newbies on a budget for the basic powder and it was fine, as well.

If you're in the Philippines, these brushes are available in SM beauty sections and most Watsons. People in Bicol can depend that this can be found in SM NAGA. The downside is that they cost about  PHP129/piece but this may be justified since there aren't much competition around. But oh! Except for the eye shadow brush! Fashion21 has a good eye shadow brush for I think PHP60 only.

My favorites from the essential line of E.L.F. are the eye shadow & the blending brushes! I use them all the time! What about you?

Till the next post!

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  1. all those brushes look so good! i think you did a very nice and helpful post, dear :))


  2. you have really great photos, mind if i ask what camera you use? :)

    1. Hi! For product shots, I use my Panasonic zoom camera :)


Thanks for the love! <3