My Hair History & Current Hair!

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Its been 3 years since I was forced to color my hair black because having any other color is not allowed in my course, Nursing. I hung out with Japanese people a lot prior to moving to the Philippines to study and became so interested in getting ORANGE hair.

During 1st year college (early 2008).

Half way through 2008, during 2nd year.
Right after I was forced to change my hair color to fit their standards
Late 2009.
I had my hair cut unintentionally short because my ends 
were severely damaged due to too much hair trauma.
April 2011
My hair is finally long! 
It took more than a year to grow it out!

My current thick wavy hair 
before bleaching it & etc.
May 2011.
So I decided that now I'm free from standards that kept me away from getting my hair the color I want, I recklessly went out and bought something different than my go-to hair coloring system. I usually go for HBC when I'm in the Philippines, by the way.

Bigen. Beauteen in HI2-Bleach Milky.

Bad move.

I got the bleaching system from Bigen. I do not recommend it! One box will only color your roots.... and wow! Can you imagine what it did to my hair? My roots color varied reds, platinum blonde, and brown while the body and ends were black! 

 Number 2:
I ran to HBC and grabbed my trusted hair coloring system to help my out...

HBC Haul.
HBC: Hortaleza Professional Cream Developer (3). Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment. Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream (3).

Wrong choice.
My hair turned brown but my roots were bright reddish blonde!

Number 3: 
So I had used a sachet of my mom's new favorite in henna coloring system for her hair to even out the contrast in my hair. 

I apologize for not having pictures of my hair blunders. 
I was in too much panic to get a picture taken.

I regret getting my hair bleached myself... and I also regret thinking the HBC color system will neutralize my hair blunder... I should have just skipped right to the henna. Or I should have used HBC coloring system to begin with like before! LOL. 

What made it more tragic was that I gave myself CHEMICAL BURNS from the 3 consecutive hair traumas. I didn't cover-up my neck with plastic. 
Very bad. I have forgotten :(

I tried taking care of my hair by avoiding getting it dry so I haven't washed it for a week due to too much trauma. 

How my hair (newly washed) turned out, 
taken a week after the series of blunders.

Number 4.
My roots were black and the body to the ends were brown. 
So, I decided to get it evened out with the right hair color, hair coloring system, and the right way without injuries. 
So I got the same HBC coloring system tools (AGAIN!)... and I finally got it right! 

The day after I even got myself a hair trim with bangs.... 

Yee, I can cut my own hair.

I trimmed out the rough ends & back to bangs!
Healthier ends! Yay!

Crunchy and very dry!

I divided my hair in 3 layers and took out an inch each. I felt that my ends were unmanageable that morning thus I felt the urge to get them cut off.

The next day....

In natural light.

My face seems to be fairer now I have it in orange... My ends look better too bad my bangs were all weird for that picture but its all good. It will get better! My hair strands are thinner now though... my mom is going to kill me!!! LOL.


Tips for DIY hair coloring systems:
1. Protect your skin by using plastic around your neck.
2. Use only one system at a time.
3. In order to avoid using too many hair color systems when you don't get your desired hair color, keep the color on for 2-3 hours (mine was on for up to 2 and a half).
4. Clip hair up and use a shower cap while waiting for your hair to turn colors.
5. Do not use shampoos especially on your ends. (my mom recommends Dove)
6. Use hydrating conditioners!!!
7. Don't wash your hair everyday (I tie it up & pour baby powder to keep it from looking greasy).
8. Give your hair some treatment and leave it on for more than a couple of minutes. It's a waste of money if washed off for after a short time & not as effective as when it would be left overnight (use a shower cap).

I recommend the HBC hair coloring system, its the same I used when I was younger with brighter orange-yy hair. It was the substitute for the professional hair color I used when I was in the U.S. (from Sally's Beauty Supply) and is cheaper! Hair color tube P110 while a small bottle of 12% oxidizer P32. I used 2 and a half tubes for my long hair. When I had to recolor, I bought another 3 tubes and oxidizing lotions which left half a tube from last time. Now, I have enough for touching up my roots once it grows a bit.

By the way, my burns are better. If you are unsure of yourself, get a friend (with experience) to help you out with DIY hair coloring. I simply had a blonde moment and got all excited by the cover of Bigen's box.

Lengthy post... but,  OHH WELL! 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like your hair color! what shade is that? It was my first time to color my hair last month using Kolours burgundy and it turned out good but I want something more noticeable like yours. :)

  2. Hi bibzki! Try out the pro hair coloring system from HBC and keep it on for 3 hours! I swear you will like what you see! :)

  3. love the end result! the cut and the color looks like it was done by a professional :)

  4. omg what a coincidence i had my hair done using HBC since it was recommended by a good friend.
    My hair became so dry and rough! i definitely have to have it cut now!

  5. @ Locke.
    Awwww... Thank you!!! You're always so sweet!

    @ mestizay.
    All hair coloring are the same since its chemicals! ..its the price we pay for a new hair color. LOL :P

  6. Nice hair color! I had my first hair color using HBC's products too. It went well too. Thanks for the hair coloring tips!

    <3 Jemy

  7. Hi Jemy! You're welcome! Thanks for reading my post :)

  8. So proud of you! If that happened to me, like after the first try I'll head to the salon right away for a fix. But you managed to fix it yourself! Keep it up! And the color looks good on you~

    New follower here =)

  9. Hi MissGennD! Thanks for the heartwarming comment and for following! ...I already had experiences with the "pros" help when I made a hair blunder before and it only made it worse! That's why I swore I would learn not only how to deal with my hair but also about doing my makeup! It's all about staying calm before jumping in a crazy decision... LOL.


  10. did you use light copper blonde?

  11. Ever since I went to the Philippines, I used HBC's DIY hair coloring system in LIGHT COPPER BLONDE! The result is seen in my first photo above. That was 3 hours of letting the hair coloring solution sit on my hair! :)

  12. been coloring my hair from HBC's product but on my 3rd try didnt like it that much..i color it rouge and my friends didnt like it..what would be the result if i color it light brown again?

  13. Hi Rhod!
    How did the color come out? What didn't you like about it? If you have dark/black hair, its hard for any color to come out if you leave it on for 30mins only! You'll have to bleach your hair! But I don't want to do that so I just leave on the haircolor for 2-3 hours so the colors would come out! :)

  14. Hi Nyxie! My short hair was an accident... I didn't like it much but thank you! <3


Thanks for the love! <3