Wet N' Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner

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I got this baby late 2009 in the U.S. I already had the Loreal Gel Eyeliner but the price intrigued me & that many youtubers loved this product because of its affordable price. After 16 months of using it (on and off), I can confidently say that this gel eyeliner is simply the best for its price!

I like that this gel eyeliner is creamy & lasts a long time despite the sweat, oils, and extreme humidity!

The day I decided that this is definitely HG material was when it lasted me almost 12 hours with no touch-ups and even no application of primer prior to using this product. I applied this on myself early that day, travelled 2 hours, did extreme ukay-ukay shopping with a lot of running around under the day's heat, and then finally, traveled back home for another 2 hours. It only came off when decided to actually take it off! It's tough to remove, so use a good makeup remover to avoid tugging on the eye and creating future wrinkles!

 From Left to Right:
1. 6 AM. I just finished putting on make-up. 
2. 2 PM. After running around. I washed up at a coffee shop except for my eyes because I get greasy as heck. No touch-ups, the eyeliner is still as is.
3. 6 PM. The 2 hour ride back and forth, the mall-ing, and the intense ukay-ukay shopping got me tired but not my eyeliner!

It comes with a brush which creates thick strokes (which I prefer). But if you need thinner lines and more control, use the pointed tip instead. But if you're somewhat picky, maybe you're better off with a better brush.

Sorry if my WNW gel eyeliner looks disgusting and abused! Despite that, I think I'm using it well!

I had the a gel eyeliner for Loreal' which did great but dried up way to soon. I had another from Maybelline which also did well but I think I left it in the U.S. so I can't really give a full review. But why would you go for a $10 or a $7 gel eyeliner when you got HG material at only $5?!
Sorry again if my eyes look disgusting as well... It's all tired and red :(
I'm working on my lashes, by the way... Yes, I know! It's hard to get them nice and curled :(
I hope you can notice how the eyeliner by WNW is still rock solid despite all the grease it had to endure for 12 hours!
I visited SM Makati a few weeks ago, I think this eyeliner costs about maybe a little bit more than 300PHP. 


Sorry for not posting in a while, my parents came over and we went places... I think I'll make this a travel blog as well! Anyways, thanks for reading my post. I'll try to blog more and try to improve on my writing skills.


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  1. wow nice! i´ve always wanted to buy that kind of eyeliner but i can´t find it here in our malls in Norway -.- so i end up with a pencil eyeliner x)

  2. Hi abby! thanks for reading my post! I think its hard for me to find anything better than a good eyeliner gel, I get so greasy! >.<

  3. Wow, glad you found your HG gel liner with this. Unfortunately, it's the other way around for me. Though I agree that its staying power is swesome! :(

  4. Hi Bee! Thanks for doing a review on this. I think they have one in a violet (?) color. I've been thinking of trying one out. =)

  5. Go on and try it, sis! I hope to read about it in your blog soon! :)

  6. yes. great staying power. but dried up too quickly for me. maybe the lid is not sealed enough or just bad packaging. i use the brush on my eyebrows though since it's thick and with tough bristles.


Thanks for the love! <3