KPop Mondays: Neglected Hyoyeon (SNSD).

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SNSD's Dancing Queen has finally voiced out her being upset for her stage outfits! 

I think I already ranted out how my dear idol in my 1st Kpop Mondays post, Hyo, was always the most neglected member of the Korean girl group Girl's Generation or SNSD... I'm so glad she finally said it herself! Her fans have definitely noticed this (like me!) through the years... Wanna see?

But wait! There's more I dug up!
It's not only about the clothes... the hair too!!!
What were her hair, makeup, and clothing stylists thinking???!!!

Hyoyeon in orange.
Either she's been messed up the stylists or she looks the most blahhhh!

Wanna see what she looks like when she's not onstage?
Beautiful, isn't she?!!!

Well, at least they've done a good job on her for their song THE BOYS...

Now, she has said something about her dilemma,
I hope SM will take action to fix it for Hyo and her fans!
She said she trusts her stylists to do what's best for her...
but obviously they haven't been doing that!


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  1. I love Hyo too. She looks so gorgeous in The boys.

  2. she is beautiful :) and better when she´s not on stage haha.. and yeah she looks gorgeous in the boys :)

  3. Hi MissFeelo & Abby! Yup, at least she looks smokin' hot in The Boys! ^_^

  4. Yeh, she's definitely not being allowed to shine :( Thanks for showing us how awesome she is :) And I dont understand some of the hair styles kpop stars end up sporting....

  5. Hi s2danii! I so agree with you :)


Thanks for the love! <3