First Win!

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Hey guys!!!
This is loooong overdue... but I just recently got my hands on my first winning in the blogger world! I've actually mentioned this in a past blog post update... And thank goodness I have them now to share with you all! Thank you to the pretty and wonderful Kikaysimaria, who not only has an awesome blog but also cooks ups the most spectacular giveaways! Check her out yo!

First up, is the Whitening Capsule BB Cream from Luview Cosmetics! They're a new Korean brand that has been doing a lot of promotion for their products. This is the major prize in the package I selected... and if you didn't know, I love BB Creams! I'll definitely make a review soon!

Next up is the Le Faerie Cosmetics' Opaque Lipgloss in Dark Nude! 
Looks like this will suit me well! 
Review coming soon!

And the reason why I picked out this package from all the other choices... 
a goody package from the Red Jhelli Shop
Can you guess what it is??! :D

Forgive me for all the teasing but I will definitely do a separate post on all of these soon! And once again thank you, Kikaysimaria for such a splendid giveaway! I only hope to be as awesome as you, sis! Teehee. And thank you to her wonderful sponsors for helping her make her giveaway possible! I can't wait to try them all out and review them! These are all wonderful Christmas presents, indeed! Thank you!

Now, if you'd like to win something nice this holiday

Bicolano Blogger Republic
Open to Philippine Residents!

You only need your facebook account to enter this giveaway! The rest are optional for bonus points. And please, please, please DO ALL the THREE MANDATORY STEPS in order to be counted in the giveaway! It's easy & simple!

Happy Holidays ya'll!


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  1. The luview and le faerie cosmetics are so great

  2. Hi Analyn! I think so, too! ^_^

    @aMz88: Thank you! ^_^

  3. Congrats! :)

    Please join my giveaway, too, if you haven't yet:


Thanks for the love! <3