First Philippine Haul!

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Hey guys!
I know that I've brought more than half my makeup collection along with me to the Philippines... but of course, I left some important stuff out! Haha. Let me share with you this super mini haul I've picked up from the beauty section of Pacific Mall's Metro Department Store here in Legazpi City.

The Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler. 
I know what you're thinking... "How on earth does this beauty blogger go live without one?!" Haha. Well, right before we left for the Philippines, my mum borrowed my Sally Hanssen Eyelash Curler and never returned it. I didn't mind because mascara could get messy when traveling more than 12 hours straight. Anyways, I truthfully would go with one from E.L.F. but our local mall here doesn't sell that brand and I read raves on this brand in the local forums, as well. I've already tried cheaper eyelash curlers years ago but that never worked out... so yeah, this is why I picked out this one.

Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet. 
 In the U.S., my skin is dry while here in the Philippines, it is oily! A must-have for the majority of the people here since this country is not only sizzling hot but extremely humid, too! I picked this one out because it contains 70 black oil-blotting sheets while Clean & Clear has only 60 light blue sheets for the same price. I think black oil-blotting sheets are cooler looking, by the way. TEEHEE.

Boal Mini Scissors.
I need these to trip my long strands of eyebrow hair... they've got a mind of their own so I trim them in order to get the perfect eyebrows or something close to that. LOL.

Kojie San Body Lightening Lotion.
So, all these jogging is tanning me and my sisters. My mum actually bought a tube of this last year and used it up... but we never got to ask her if it works. If you got any suggestions on good whitening/lightening lotions here in the Philippines... suggest away!

I've been pretty busy with dancing lately... I'm in-charge of my sister's dance program for her debut party in May, thus less blogging.  I apologize for not being as active as before.

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Till my next post, lovelies!

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  1. Nice hauls!! the FS curler can be considered dupe of Shu Uemura's famous eyelash curler! I loved the FS curler! works super great! ^_^~

    1. Wow! That's awesome! Thanks for the info! ^_^

  2. Followed you on instagram already :D

    Btw, kojie-san is a nice and safe whitening product. My half-Korean cousin recommended it to me when I was asking for an effective whitening product. Ever since she moved to the Philippines, she tanned a lot. But now she's going back to her Korean complexion, and she told me it's because of Kojie-san. I've been using the Kojie-san bar soap for quite a while now, and I can already say that it's working. Perhaps the same goes with the lotion. :)

    1. Thanks dear!

      Cool to know that! Now I just have to get the soap! :D

    2. Yes, you definitely must get the soap! :D
      They sell it in 2's or 3's.. better get the biggest one you could get, because it melts so easily. I think I use up a bar (by 2's) in less than a month... But it's okay, because it's really affordable, right? :D

    3. I'll check it out asap! :DDD

  3. Would lemon or apple cider vinegar work as a skin lightener for you? You could always make your own vit.c concentrate.

  4. hi dear! please join my blog giveaway! 10 sunglasses are up for grabs!

    -Mish :)


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