KPop Mondays: Son Dam Bi & After School's AMOLED Dance Cover by CLUB LOLLIPOP

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Club Lollipop

So here's Club Lollipop 2.0's first project! We learned this dance during the past Spring 2014 semester for the Talent Show my club held last April 30th, but I decided to only have this dance filmed a week before finals. I've loved this dance since it came out on 2009, wherein After School had 90% of their original members plus Uee. This was actually for a Samsung phone commercial which was advertising AMOLED, but it was made so well that I could care less! The tune is catchy. The concept is sexy and futuristic. And, most of all, the choreography is on point. I, obviously, still love it to this day!

Check out version one!
This was a one shot for the purpose of submitting it to a contest.

Read on for pictures & version two! ^^

Oh yeah, we had a shoot at the same time, too!
Club Lollipop
Feeling sexy! ^^

Club Lollipop
We really love the fact that this park has an outdoor amphitheater (stage + bleachers)!

Club Lollipop
Yes, we sexy! :3

Club Lollipop
With the support team!

Club Lollipop
How to put on guyliner!

And finally, check out version two!
So this is the "dance music video" for this project.
You should see various angles & the faces of my sexy dancers better!

Club Lollipop
By the way, I entered version one for AXDance Live Competition for the KPOP divisions and out of 60+ entries, CLUB LOLLIPOP GOT IN!!! 

Unlike the past year's contest, it was easy to get in...but there's been a surge of KPOP lovers now, hence the uber competitiveness! I'm so happy we get to perform as Club Lollipop at the biggest anime convention in the USA!

 Not everyone in the video is going to compete :(
Club Lollipop
 Dioselene, Gabby, Cecy, & Bee (me!).
But the four of us will do our best!

Thanks for reading!

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