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I have been tagged this award by the lovely little miss sunshine herself, Thea aka Tootsie Jean! Hurrah!

The Sacred of Rules of The Sunshine Blog Award
1. Post a picture of the sunshine blog award.
2. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
3. Share 11 facts about yourself.
4. Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
5. Nominate 11 bloggers that brought sunshine to your blogging experience and inform them about your post.
6. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers.

Read on to see my facts, answers, and blogger crushes!
Wow! I think the last time I got an award was 2012 and haven't gotten one since. I think I was super hyper active as a blogger back then and there were a lot of equally energetic bloggers, too! I even felt problematic thinking of what to write because I felt redundant. This award, however, came in a good time. It's been years since I imparted truths about myself. And definitely think my world has changed since then. I know I haven't been on here as much as I like, but I am trying my best! And I am happy to be nominated as a blogger that brighten someone's day despite my frequent absences! 

 On to the award duties...

11 Facts About Me!

One of my past blogger pix.
1. I like makeup... a lot
No surprise there! It must come with being a beauty blogger, wherein I need to have way more than I need! I don't necessarily wear full or heavy makeup everyday, but I sure like having a lot in my stash.

My published thesis :)
2. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and Health Sciences back in 2011 in Aquinas University of Legazpi. 
Unfortunately, I skipped out of taking the nursing board exam in the Philippines and went straight home to Cali. The bad part is that, Cali closed its doors of foreign nurses... So I pretty much wasted 2 years of waiting. From a year ago and up till now, I'm still waiting on getting accepted to test in other states. So wish me luck!

3. I was never any good in Tagalog or Filipino! 
Teachers needed to put English translations up for me when I was in the Philippines for a bit of high school. And when I returned to the Philippines for college, I could barely speak it! My friends had to help me out with that! Ha!

In my acting class in the Western Stage, Hartnell College during Spring semester 2013.
4. I returned to college the past year and a half. 
My sister encouraged me to take a few classes in our local community while waiting for my ATI to come (which never did, by the way). And I'm so glad that I did! I was able to take awesome psychology, digital art, and acting classes! I feel so blessed to be able to learn more than I already have and being in a place where that is actually possible. I think that I would never have had this opportunity if I were working already and would have died for boredom if I haven't returned to learning in a classroom. Plus, I was able to pursue my interests, build up my own dance community, enhance my directing skills in dance, and meet a lot of people.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette, my little sister's birthday present for me last year.
5. But, I hold back on expensive stuff. 
Unless it's a gift, I like to stick to buying drugstore makeup for myself.

Modelling for my friend and her photography project.
6. Currently am Blue Belt in Taekwondo. 
I stopped at that level because I chose to dance first. But I do intend to continue when I settle stuff. I'm only a color away from becoming a black belt!
7. I have weak ankles. 
Thanks to the multiple sprains I got from Taekwondo (I went home with crutches the first time!), I now officially stumble on flat land or have my ankles give in when I don't think about my feet when I move. Despite that, you'd still see me run, dance, and do martial arts!

With most of dancer babies of Spring Semester 2014 and our awesome advisor, Susie!
  8. Currently a mother to twenty plus kids...
Well, I seems to be so ever since I opened the Hartnell College Dance Club in my local community college! I'm a bit of a perfectionist (even my acting teacher/club advisor) said so in the past year. I like to make sure that everything goes well and nothing comes out less than awesome! I guess it's also because I've always been the type to lead and I have clear visions for the club (unlike other clubs who doesn't have any & hate on our club for doing well, ahem!) and will do what it takes to get it done. I made new friends through the club, whom I've trained and whipped into dancing shape (we're actually competing now!), and have grown very fond of them. I may not be as verbal or express my love for them (because I am traumatized by the number of people I've let in my life & went on to stab my back), but I make sure they get the best from the club and focus on dancing while handle the rest (i.e. problems including where to practice, music player, other club that hate us & more!).

9.  My first job was being a videographer! 
Because I got recommended by my digital arts professor to land that job! I got paid $200 for for half a day! Sweet isn't it?! I'm currently waiting to become a USRN, but I don't mind the freelance work that falls under my interests. I guess this shows that I like making videos. It may be for my blog/reviews/vlogs which my beekyoote channel is for. Or my dancing/taekwondo channel named kyoote. As much as I like being on cam, I love working off cam, too! I'm currently trying to enhance my skills and acquire pro equipment, so I can produce better and, more specifically, dance videos!

PNSA 2009 at SM Naga, Naga, Philippines for the Hip-Hop Dance Competition.
10. Dance is life. 
I'm not your typical "I danced since I was a kid... but only by myself or in my room" type of person (there are people who actually brag about that... yep, seriously).
I've actually performed in shows in my grade school and high school days (plays and dance performances both in the Philippines & USA). When I was in college, I alternated being a choreographer/trainer for a block of nursing students for Bicol University while being a prominent member of the dance teams in my own school. Then, I became the official hip-hop leader in-charge for my later university years. I continued to choreograph for my sister's debut as Club Lollipop... and found myself assigned as the choreographer, trainer, and a dancer/actor for the a play in my local community college last year. Then got into the Choreology dance  crew as a team member and performed, competed, and won 2nd place for the World of Dance Bay Area 2013. Performed in LA for Anime Expo 2013. Due to popular demand opened the dance club in school which required training (whipping!), choreographing, and directing non-dancers into performers. Was on and off with Choreo Supremacy, the dance crew that came from Choreology. And now, with the members I whipped into shape, formed Club Lollipop 2.0 which received a slot to perform in Anime Expo this year against 60+ other entries and a good shot of being one of the eight dance entries proceeding to San Francisco to compete in the finals of JPOP SUMMIT "Odottemita" Dance Contest against 30+ competitors.
Looking back, dance has always been my passion. Sure, Taekwondo is my love, too. I mean, I love the hardcore workouts, the trophies, the ability to beat someone up legally, and just being in the dojang. But, I guess I would give up Taekwondo just to dance and be able to perform on stage!

Early Fall 2013, at the dawn of building the Hartnell College Dance Club!
11. I rarely wear pants. 
And if I do, people always seems surprised (I get that a lot)! I more comfortable in leggings or short shorts!

Tootsie Jean's Questions & My Answers!

1.When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging January 24, 2010 with my first blog. Why? Because I was stressed with Nursing school and retail therapy lost it's effectiveness. I was reading beauty blogs to see reviews on products and stores... and poof! I felt the urge to blog! Journal writing can help with stress, but why not share your thoughts with the world? I was happy to be typing away about stuff I liked other than everything related to school. I, eventually, opened a new blog to make a more professional one and, currently, expanded to blogging about everything asides from makeup. I still blog because I like it very much. I may not have as much time now, but I'll see to it that I keep coming back!

2. What/who inspires you to blog?
 A big portion of the time, I simply wish to share my thoughts. Plus, this de-stresses me! I just need to find the time for it so I can blog more!

3. What are your hobbies?
 Blogging, for sure! But I also love to read (blogs, books, forums, magazines & etc.), watch anime & dramas, choreographing and I like making & editing videos, too!

4. What makes you really happy?
 Dancing and Taekwondo makes me happy! But I also feel a great surge of happiness when pursuing my passion brings great opportunities.

5. What is your current relationship status?
 Whether or not I am in a relationship, I don't feel comfortable announcing it. If I have a someone special.. or not... maybe... yes.. no? HAHA! :P

6. Describe your ambition.
I want to become either a known dancer or an idol (like AKB48)! Who knows?! Hehe. But I really want to be able to support myself and keep pursuing my passion in the process.

7. Everyone has a special gift. What's yours?
I was told that I have a scary talent for persuasion or manipulation. Like in dance club, I can make everyone do crazy moves they would normally never think of doing! ...It definitely comes in handy when convincing manly men to dance sexily! TEEHEE!

8. Give a tip to other bloggers.
Be yourself.

9. Describe your style.
 I can be more of the sporty side in normal days. But for special events, I go for the more sexy-ish type? Haha.

10. How old are you? Describe how it's like to be your age.
 I'm 23. I'm not sure, but I feel young. And I do feel like there are still so much I can accomplish and I don't intend to get stuck anywhere I don't like.

11. How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I have my own house/apartment. I either work as a USRN and involved with an adult hip-hop team or I found my way in the entertainment business for television. Or I could have moved to Japan to teach English and stalk AKB48! Haha! Who knows? There are so many things I can do and I am open to the possibilities. But I know one thing for sure, it's that I will be able to fully support myself!

My Questions For My Blogger Nominees!

1. How did you end up blogging?
2. What do you hope to achieve in your life?
3. Which celebrity/idol do you look up to?
4. Describe your latest fashion choices.
5.  Do you have a special talent?
6. What are your top 5 makeup items and why?
7. Where do you get the confidence to do what you do (i.e. blogging, modelling)?
8. How do spend your spare time?
9. Any life accomplishments you are truly proud of?
10. Any life projects you are currently working on?
11. Is there anyone you personally know (other than your family) whom you admire or look up to that influences your life and why?

My Blogger Nominees!
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To my nominees, I hope y'all have as much fun as I did, making this post award and more power to your blogs! And thank you again pretty young thang, Tootsie Jean! I love your energy and spunk! I think you're doing great, so keep it up!

Check out Thea's blog post:

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Thanks for reading!

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