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Bee's TFC 20 "Galing ng Filipino Dance Moves Promo Entry
I know I seem to be overloading on the dance portion of my life at the moment, but I'm on a roll! Summer is the time of year full of dance competitions! But this time, I actually danced to a Filipino (Tagalog) song!

TFC (aka The Filipino Channel), a television channel based from ABS CBN and broadcasted for Filipino audiences out of the Philippines (like me & my family), is celebrating there 20th anniversary. In honor of this event, they came out with the TFC20 "Galing ng Filipino" Dance Moves Promo. "Galing ng Filipino" is a song honoring Filipinos thriving and kicking butt abroad. It is performed by Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano, and his son, Gabriel Valenciano. The contest rules required its participants to show their best moves and perform the song's signature moves. Watch the official music video here.

Here's my entry!

I've covered Kpop & Jpop. I've choreographed to all that and English songs, but never Tagalog... until now! And it's about time!

I felt like the rhythm was a bit slow. At first sound, you would think that jazz, ballet and interpretative dance style would suit it more. But then, comes in the rapping part and then, a happy pace. Instead of doing just the required dance cover portion, I tried to create a choreography to the first minute of the song. And I think I definitely stepped outside the box for this one. I usually pick sexy/modern moves at a moderate pace. I pushed my mind and body to create a slightly hard hitting and fast combo. The last time I did anything hard hitting was with Choreology and Chore Supremacy (my past hip-hop dance teams). And dance club didn't help much because I have to pick easier dances (but those with high levels of sex appeal, hehe) so everyone can keep up. My body feels a bit out of it doing moves harder and faster than I'm used to these past months. I tried my best to pull it off, though!

I created choreo the night before I filmed!
And I also filmed by myself... thank goodness for tripods! Teehee!
The video was taken in a camp site/park a mile away from my house. Pretty isn't it?!
The judging criteria is 40% for Timing & Coordination, another 40% for Showmanship, and lastly, 20% for overall impact. And there will be 20 winners selected. I hope I score enough in all areas to be one of the luck 20. Wish me luck!

And also, this may be late... but
I miss my hometown, Legazpi,  soooo bad & I wish I could visit soon.
Yee, I'm to say I'm proud to be from Bicol Region!
And no matter what I do, I'll always be definitely proud of being Filipino!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That's so nice. I am a big fan of Gary V. as well. He is indeed Mister Pure Energy. ♥♥♥


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