KPop Mondays: Wonder Girls' Yoo Bin.

2:14 PM bee. 7 Comments

Yoo Bin of Wonder Girls for Singles Magazine.
Wonder Girls' Badass Sexy Rapper, Yoo Bin, graced the pages for S. Korea's magazine called Singles... And wow! She is a stunner! Isn't she?! 

They did this shoot in a hotel room...

As much as I idolize her... I'm not a fan of how they make women into sex symbols...
I mean... why does it always have to be in a hotel room or on a bed???
Ohh well.

I definitely love her blonde hair and her eye makeup!
Overall, this reminds me to stay disciplined and work hard in keeping in shape!

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  1. This is the first time I've seen her. She's stunning!!!!!!

  2. Yes! Her hair and eye make up are stunning!:)

  3. She looked really beautiful! And I love the pieces she wore. :)

  4. She's one of my guy friend's crush!
    I blogged about my girl crush here:

    Hope you can visit my blog, too! <3 Thank you!

  5. @Noelle: yup! thanks for dropping by :)

    @France: Haha. He has good taste :)


Thanks for the love! <3