Travel Tuesdays: China Peak Mountain Resort + Tips For Any Snowy Adventure!

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China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
Hey Guys!
So it's been a trend to me to post my travels where there are waves & sand... but last weekend it's all about snow & snowboarding! Yeaup! I love snowboarding! It's actually been awhile since I've done it but that didn't discourage me from surfing the snow!

To the mountains, we go! No snow in sight yet! XD
We were actually from Fresno, where my sister lives at. Our uncle, aunt, and cousins (who also lives there) discovered the place. Then they told my sister, who went with her friends. 

Getting closer to our destination!
It's about a two-hour drive from Fresno!

Finally reached China Peak Ski Resort! It's me & my cousins!

China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
The "reception area".

China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
I paid $85 for the lift on the bunny hill, boots & board rental, plus the lessons. My cousins only had to pay $75 minus the lessons. I opted for a refresher because it's been awhile since I've did this! They also accept student I.D.s for about $20 discount! My younger cousin, Cyril, save a bunch! Too bad, I didn't have my college I.D. with me And oh, you better ask for the discount because they won't ask you for you I.D.!

China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
Getting our boots & board!

China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
Suited up with our boards!

China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
We got there at 10 but my class was at 12. I spent the 2 hours snowboarding at the bunny hill. Then I proceeded here for the lessons. It took an hour and, honestly, I should have just skipped it. The lessons are very basic for those who never boarded before. I was actually told to be very good during the class. But hey, at least I know the proper ways to stop now! XD

China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
We spent most of our time going here, the lift up the Bunny Hill.

China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
On the lift up the hill! It's an escalator where you have to be on your board or ski set. Usually people have one foot buckled to the board and the other free, so by the time they get to the top they slide to any of the sides & buckle the free foot. Towards half of the time there, my cousins & I had both feet buckled to the board before we reached the top. With this, we simply slide away from the lift and directly go snowboard down the hill! Yesss, we got skills! HAHA.

China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
View from the top of the hill top.
  We basically boarded for about five hours!

My first experience with snowboarding was over at Dodge Ridge many years ago. My cousins have been to Lake Tahoe, as well. Those two places are very expensive compared to China Peak. Luckily, we don't need to get a hotel room or a cottage when going here. The fact that it's only two hours away from where my sister and relatives live, we could go just drive up there every time.

 These are based on my experiences and for, of course, those who never experienced snow before! :D
  1. SNOW is WETWear the appropriate clothing. Usually those that are waterproof/plastic-ky to keep you from getting wet once the snow melt against you or ice getting into your pants! Bring a hat or a jacket with a hoodie! I brought one but forgot it at my sister's house and so I spent half our time there with my hair wet... my cousin felt bad and lent me her's later. Don't forget the gloves, too! My first experience with snow, I wore winter gloves but not for the actual snowboarding... towards the end my hands were wet and freezing like crazy. And if your clothes aren't thick enough, LAYER IT! I had leggings & jeans under my plastic-ky pants which were fine in combating the cold.
  2. SNOW means MUD. When some of the snow melts, it mixes with the soil to form mud! I wore my Coach sneakers because it fit my outfit the day we left for Fresno and boy, did I regret that! I was crying out loud every time I stepped on a muddy puddle! Use snow or hiking boots! If not, use shoes you don't care much if it were soiled.
  3. SNOW is BLINDING. The white snow plus sunlight can actually cause blindness! I experienced a little of this on my first experience snowboarding but thank goodness last weekend was cloudy. Bring the proper goggles or use your stunner glasses!
  4. The BOOTS are TIGHT. I'm a size 7-7 1/2 but they don't offer half sizes. And so, I opted for the 7. An hour later, I started to feel my legs, feet, and head ache! The boots were cutting off my circulation! I returned to the boot rental station to get an 8!
  5. SNOWBOARDING will make you HUNGRRRRYYY! Bring food! After even an hour of boarding, your stomach may start grumbling. The prices at the dinner are jacked up way to high (even my snowboarding instructor said so). All we brought are a couple of bananas, protein bars, and biscuits. This wasn't enough to keep us going but our enthusiam did! We were planning on bringing adobo or sandwiches... but we kids suck at actually acting out on our plans. HAHA.
  6. SNOWBOARDING will get you SORE the NEXT DAY. Stretch it out before doing anything. Snow will make things feel heavy plus you have to count the equipment/clothing your drag around with you. Good thing I've been working out at the gym, so I didn't feel sore nor tired the next day. Unlike my cousin who hasn't worked out in a while, he definitely felt the pain the day after.
  7. Forget the Makeup. I did! LOL. You probably will fall onto the snow and have it melt off your face, anyways!
I'm supposed to put together a VLOG of our trip but I haven't worked on that yet!
But I'll share with you what I took VIDEO STAR as we were going up the lift!

I hope you had a good laugh!
I didn't know it was already playing at the start... and that's my cuzzo Melly at the back! XD

China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
By the way, the morning we left for China Peak was rainy for Fresno. But as we approached the peak, snow slowy started to fall! Towards the end of the five hours, real snowflakes were falling! It was a beautiful sight and feeling to experience actual snow fall! But that's actually bad for snowboarding, you know?! Fresh snow will slow you down and as you go down the slope, the snow flakes on your face can be distracting! HAHA. So yeah, the car was covered up by the time we were done! XD

China Peak Mountain Resort, Lakeshore, CA, USA.
The place reminded us of Forks! If you know Twilight, you'd know what we're thinking... Edward, where are you?! :D

Since the food was too pricey there... we went back to Fresno to have some Pho'!
We actually ate there the day before with our family... we returned because of the delicious food for an affordable price!
Pho' Delite, Fresno, CA, USA.
One large bowl of Beef Pho' and another Large bowl of Seafood Pho' with Fried Pot Stickers all for $25!
The four of us shared and we were very contented after eating!
This is great after all that cold and car sickness from the winding road down the mountain!

Oh yeah, here's our "wacky" pic. HAHA.
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Watch out for my vlog!
Thanks for reading!

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