My Interview with JUNNYAN @ ANIME EXPO 2015 [VKH-PRESS]

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Junnyan at Anime Expo 2015

     Founder of the world-renowned Harajuku Fashion Walk, Junnyan wears many hats as an authority on Japanese street fashion and kawaii culture. Known as the Harajuku Kawaii Boy, Junnyan’s work ranges from photographing Japan’s unique fashion and art culture on his blog “Harajuku Kids,” to DJing and hosting his own events in Harajuku. Junnyan has been featured in countless TV interviews and featured in magazines such as KERA for his unique and expressive fashion style representing modern Japanese street fashion.
Description taken from the Anime Expo website.

     I had the pleasure to interview this colorful person at Anime Expo 2015. I saw him walking around the hotel before our meeting and he's extremely hard to miss! It was my first time interviewing anyone in my life and I walked into a room with his translator and his pose'. But he was really lively and nice, I started to relax a little. I truly enjoyed his answers to my questions and it was quite inspiring. During the fashion show, he seriously liven up the room! His hosting skills were entertaining and it poured through his panel. I wasn't able to attend his panel, but my sisters said that it was really fun and left everyone with a message to be confident in what they want to do. I'm really glad I met someone who makes an impact in one of the most prominent fashion-centered places in the world!

Please check out my official report on VKH-Press on this colorful character HERE.

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