Incheon Airport Duty Free Haul (Airstar Avenue)

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It's a Tuesday and instead of a real travel post, I have here my haul when I was in the Incheon Airport! Read on to see what I picked up!

     Before we continue, tour guide Michelle kept talking about how important sunscreen was to her and her friends. She said she religiously puts it. And we noticed during our tour that there was barely any Korean person walking around with umbrellas! In the Philippines, Filipinos use umbrellas not only to shelter one's self from the rain, but to also avoid getting hit my the sun's strong rays both to avoid getting a heat stroke and getting tan. So it was amazing to see that there was no one using an umbrella in the middle of the day knowing that Koreans are also obsessed with staying fair. With the words of Michelle, we deduced that their anti-tan solution is attributed to purely sunscreen. She also said that it was more affordable to purchase makeup at the airport. So let's see if she inspired this haul at all.

And one more thing, many apologies that I do not have the prices posted up. I lost the receipt. BOOO! But, I do remember that the items were either $9 or $12. Definitely less than $15! I will update this post when and if I find the receipt!

Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock SPF 50+ PA+++  
This is my little sister's choice because of the "long-lasting" promise on the label.

Missha Super Aqua D-TOX Peeling Gel 
I've always wanted this! It was always too pricey or hard to find! I can't believe I got it for a good price, too!

Etude House Surprise All Proof SPF 50+ PA+++ 
I picked this up honestly because of the price. But it is the same SPF 50+ PA+++ with the Innisfree one and it is supposedly "all proof".

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream 
 I picked this up for my older sis. The lady said this is the oily skin variation. I was also about to pick up the CC Cream, but she said that CC Creams have no coverage at all.

    If you're doing one long layover in Korea which includes free tours, you could consider either buying stuff during the tour or in airport. We actually bought a couple of things from The Face Shop in Insadong Street, but we couldn't buy anything liquid because airport security will let you throw it away! But despite avoiding that, the lady at the shop, gave us so much mini liquid freebies! It was a good thing the I brought extra zip lock bags so it would be fine to bring them through security. The upside of buying outside is the generous amount of freebies they give you, meanwhile the upside of buying in the airport is that it is actually cheaper and they place it in a bag (as seen below) that you can carry through airport security without a problem. The downside of buying in the airport is that they give you no freebies, haha. Well despite the lack of freebies, the Duty Free store has multiple brands of Korean makeup to choose from, which also makes it easier to shop. At any rate, it was both shopping inside or outside the airport!

Korean Makeup Haul
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