Le Faerie Cosmetics' Opaque Lipgloss in Dark Nude.

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Le Faerie Cosmetics' Opaque Lipgloss in Dark Nude.

What it does:
These lipglosses have the consistency of famous and expensive brands. It has no irritating fruity smell and flavor, and was specially formulated to blend with all skin colors and make the lips look pouty.

The Dark Nude is specially formulated to blend with morena or mocha-skinned ladies.
8ML. PHP299.
Product description taken from here.

What I like:
  • My-lips-but-better color for tan girls like me (NC43) but I think it'll do well for fair people, too! 
  • Pay-off is pretty good.
  • Not sticky at all.
  • Smooth application.
  • Doesn't smell nor taste weird at all.
  • The wand applicator is skinny and long for a better application on the lips.

What I don't like:
  • Its transfers easily off your lips when you take a sip or lick you lips. It's forgivable since it is a lip gloss.
  • May show the wrinkles of your lips if it is very dry.

Close-up look
One layer of the lip gloss.
My lips aren't at it's best right now. 
I blame the cold winter air when I jog... uggh!

What I say:
I find this lip gloss pretty okay! I've been reaching out for it ever since I received it because of the color and the fact that it doesn't give me that annoying feeling when I use sticky lippies (which is the reason I'm not a fan of lipsticks or lip glosses). It's a super safe color that won't fail to look good on most likely anyone. Great for that natural look. And this definitely has become a part of my daily makeup routine.

The first & fourth picture are taken with natural day light.
 The second and third pictures are with flash. 

I got this from the huge joint contest held by Eloisa (KikaySiMaria) and Tara (BBCreamAddict). Thank you again, girls! Check out what else I received from them here.

By the way, this is only available in the Philippines!
For more information check out Le Faerie Costmetics' Facebook page:

Catch you all later!


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  1. i'll check this lipgloss out.. it looks fairly pigmented

    1. Hey Girl! Yup, it is! I hope you'd like it too :)

  2. it looks very pretty on you!
    nice photographs as well. ;)
    (what camera do you use? i am sure it is your gorgeous self and your mad skills..but curious. ;) )

    1. Thank you!!

      For the product shots, I used my Panasonic zoom camera.
      For my face pictures, just my regular point and shoot Canon Powershot SD750.
      Not much skills really! Just tweaked the lighting a bit and blurred out the unnecessary background. But teehee, thanks! ^_^

  3. lovin nude shades this past few months already....great shade!!!


  4. I really love this nude, looks amazing on you. I'll need to find this somewhere!

  5. First of all, thanks so much for visiting my blog and youtube! Your blog is very cute~

    ahhhh, i've never heard of this brand's lipglosses but this one's color is adorable. It looks great on you. :)

    1. You're welcome pretty girl!
      And thanks for following me as well! ^_^

  6. oo this lippy looks great - really lush!



Thanks for the love! <3