Regret: Bare Naturals Stippling Brush

1:54 PM bee. 3 Comments

If you read my old blog, you may have seen this...

Its been about 9 months since I spent P800 for this stippling brush.
Look at it now.

And you may not see it but its been SHEDDING like crazy lately.

Good quality brush? I don't think so. Its sad that I spend so much for this and it turned out this way. I got this from a multiply site. I just wish I bought this in a set in one of the days I visited Divisoria during my affiliation last summer. I already directed a sister in GirlTalk to get a set for about P500 or less. Basically, this is one big REGRET for me. I'm just a student and I save up what I buy... most of the time I'm just fortunate that my mom buys me stuff.

- aijin.

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  1. ohh!! sad.. thank god i did not buy this one

  2. Yup! such a waste of money.. I will use it to the end and throw it out for good... :(

  3. I forgot to mention... the metal thing holding all the bristles is detaching itself from the wooden handle.. It sucks! >:(


Thanks for the love! <3