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Okay, its been awhile again but I have been busy... And this may not be the review I promised but I'm still trying out the products so I can give a solid review.

Anyways, I got this lipstick just the past Monday. My groupmates and I were stationed near an Avon outlet for our clinical duty rotation the past week. My friend bought something and got 25% percent off- whicch actually makes a difference! So, the next day my other friends and I ventured in the store. We sat there a couple of minutes looking at the current brochure..the environment made me feel like I was obliged to buy something (lol) and so I picked out this lipstick.

I initially picked it out for its color in the brochure but the actually product did not deliver the same color as it was advertised. Despite that, I have been complimented and told how wonderful it is on me and it wasn't a waste of moolah (money). Unfortunately, the lipstick is not long lasting and easily transferrable to anything that touches the lips. Oh, and the pigmentation isn't that good in a way you have to apply more than 5 coats to get really pink lips and the product inside is so little. The up side is that it is very moisturizing (but not sticky) and doesn't make my like chapped like they always are.

so little left after a week of use! it was little to begin with. and oh, mine was kinda ruined when I first opened it :(

against my dark skin, the first swatch to left is 1 coat & the right one is like more than 4 coats.

I got it it to be this  pink after multiple coats. But my lips look moisturized and plump :)

This costs P300+ regularly. Its on sale currently for more than P200. I wasn't given the 25% discount because it was a different sales lady that day but she sold it to me exactly P200, instead.

All in all, I think its okay. I just love the texture and the color (even if it isn't what I expected it would be).
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  1. nice color! looks great on you =)

  2. That's such a pretty color. :) Looks good on you as Locke said. ;)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. ^___^


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