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KRAKEN CON 2014 | Attack on Titan Q&A Panel |Matthew Mercer & Caitlin Class
During the "Attack on Titan Q&A Panel"!
The guests of honor/anime voice actors Caitlin Glass, who plays Petra, and Matthew Mercer, who plays Captain Levi! This was one fun panel. The audiences demanded to make their fan fics come to life and it's great that both guests were so open to their "requests". I also realized how easy it is to interact with American voice actors, because unlike talking to Japanese guests, it is easy to directly talk to them!

Walking around...
KRAKEN CON 2014 | Casa de Rea
Oh look! Mikasa is behind Gabby!

We love bows!
It is essential to our CLUB LOLLIPOP look, as made mandatory by Gabby.
The booth "CASA DE REA" has all kinds even Sailormoon-inspired! There was also a deal for the other bows for only $5 for two! Yes!

Angela aka our Haruna Kojima!
I did her makeup!
I used the Urban Decay Electric Palette's Freak & Revolt on her eyes with the Makeup Forever Aqua Cream in Matte Black as a liner and the L'oreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner in Silver Lightning under the eyes. I used Nars Semi Matte lipstick in Jungle Red.

KRAKEN CON 2014 | Club Lollipop
We took advantage of the backdrop used for meet & greets with the guests!
Two guys asked to take a picture with us. Sorry to the first one, we didn't know how to react! HAHA! But Dioselene & I were picked to pose with the second guy that asked us :3

Talent Show time!
KRAKEN CON 2014 | Caitlin Glass & Club Lollipop
We saw Caitlin Glass at the back of the event and asked her for a picture with her!

Waiting... this is our view of the stage!
KRAKEN CON 2014 Talent Show

After the talent show with the judges Caitlin Glass & Eric Stuart (also a voice actor!)...
because we won first place! yay!!! We got a bag, a Kraken Con shirt and a Kraken Con pouch with $500!!! Wow! That money is going to Club Lollipop costumes for the future!
KRAKEN CON 2014 Talent Show | Eric Stuart, Caitlin Glass & Club Lollipop
I really liked the judging of this talent show. They really picked the most talented ones which included the best singer and breakdancer talents which came in second & third after us! Trying not to toot-our-own-horn, but some judgings can get messed up because of favoritism or other stupid reasons. My group and I work hard! And for non-dancers, they sure have grown so much! I'm so proud of them!  

My girls & I!
KRAKEN CON 2014 | Club Lollipop
Read about our experience performing at Kraken Con here!

     Kraken Con was a smaller scale anime convention. Even if it wasn't as grand as Anime Expo, it was less stressful and really fun for it's size! The guests of honor were awesome, there's a lot of cool booths, everything is accessible and not too far to walk to, the staff is so accommodating & super friendly! No bad vibes at all! Just pure fun! There was a good amount of people in cosplay, too, even if it was the last day. The few friends who came with us enjoyed the sights and activities, too.

Another cool perk? A free professional photobooth!
You get four poses and it will be uploaded on the Kraken Con facebook page. Or you pay only $5 to a high quality digital copy plus hard copies. I, sadly, didn't avail of this and regret it so much!
KRAKEN CON 2014 | Club Lollipop
This is my favorite shot!
Credits to Oscar Cwajbaum for this! ^^

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We, Club Lolipop, hope to perform more in the future. So watch out for more from us!
  Thanks for reading!

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