Product Review: Nichido Extra Waterproof, Protective Eye Pencil

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Okay, so I usually have thick eyebrows but I accidentally trimmed it down too much!!!
I was at the beauty section of my local mall and was looking at the Nichido shelves and this caught my eye.

I was being random, the numbers signify how many times I drew the product on my hand :)

Price: 60PHP

What I like:
-Glides on easily
-Waterproof / Staying power is good enough! (despite my sweaty-ness!)
-Looks natural on me (I have really black hair)
-Has a brush (not too big)
What I don't like:
- Nothing!

I used to have the Everbelina eyebrow pencil (a year ago when a gay makeup artist shaved off half my eyebrow!!!) and this Nichido eyebrow pencil is waaay better! It doesn't smudge easily (unless you make it do so), pretty good for a sweaty person like me, and looks more natural! I used it yesterday, I didn't have to touch up after 2 hours. 

By the way, now I look at it... it doesn't state that its an eyebrow pencil.. haha. Ohh well, it works great as an eyebrow pencil. I was planning on getting the Skinfood eyebrow product, but I couldn't find it in ebay. And knowing that my eyebrows will grow back eventually...I'm okay with this.

 I have the pencil on the left brow.... 

Without any eyebrow product I look extremely weird :(
Can't wait for my eyebrows to grow back!

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  1. you have nice eyebrows! mine are thin and scattered :( i also have the same eye pencil and i love the brush!

  2. its a good product and inexpensive too!

  3. my eyebrows are a mess when it grows out! thats why I need to trim it... but I over did it! :'(

    btw, thanks for commenting sistahs locke & khymm!! :D

  4. You justuse sharpener?

  5. I just got the same product. How did u sharpen it?

  6. I was wondering how to sharpen it. Thanks!

  7. Is the product only that long? How do u make the lead or brow pen longer?

  8. Is the product only that long? How do u make the lead or brow pen longer?


Thanks for the love! <3