KPop Mondays: Big Bang in LA with VLOG!

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Hey Guys!
This is sooo late! But its better to be late than to never post this up! A month has past & now I bring you my experience at Big Bang's first US concert!

Stayed at Ayres Hotel! Nope! Not the one right across the street from the Honda Center because that was already booked... this one was just 5 mins away via car. Meet my sister Gabby & little cousin, Madelene.
lining up for some goodies!

while waiting in line!

The concert goodies line is crazzzzyyyy!
Spending our life saving like good V.I.P.ers! LOL.
Git myself a hoodie ($75), shirt ($40) & wristband ($15).

Before lining up to get in the Honda Center!
Look at my little cousin's loot! :D

Big Bang Alive Galaxy Concert Tour 2012. Honda Center. November 2.
Inside! We didn't expect to be so close to the stage! It may not seem like it is...but we had a very good view! Good enough to see Big Bang's skin! LOL.



G-Dragon singing to "Tonight", the song that came after their intro "Alive".

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take really good videos & pictures because CAMERAS WERE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE! I even got in trouble for filming with my phone! Grrrr.

Daesung was awesome. T.O.P. is so handsome... and Seungri is sooo much more good looking in real life! By the way, I'd expect Seungri was good in English but the maknae wasn't...he did work on it by making jokes about it! So cute!

Taeyang! The best in fan service for the night! You make be sick of seeing him take off his shirt on almost all the concerts they do..but a Big Bang concert isn't a Big Bang concert with him doing so! LOL. He was sooooo enthusiatic and sooo happy to perform in the US! The energy has has...where does he get it??! And his voice??? He improved a lot! We wish he would sing more on his solos though but wow! His voice is so smooth now!

If you didn't know... Teyang is my love! hehehe.

with Aimee Lee Lucas!

As we were leaving our area when the concert ended, we found Aimee Lee Lucas!!!

She's been featured in Big Bang's music video Number 1, danced as the main girl in G-Dragon & Taeyang's concert, and worked with 2NE1 as both a choreographer & dancer!

Two weeks before the concert, her company KPOP M.V.P., was giving away a ticket to see the concert on the same day we went & a chance to meet her... Naturally, I wanted to meet my very sexy dance idol... I entered! They required a 15-sec dance from the participants of the contest. Check out my entry!

Now... I've finally showed you my "dancing skills"! LOL.
This was part of our re-shoot from our modern dance presentation for my little sister's 18th birhday party when we went to the Philippines for vacation this year.I thought it would suit the contest since we danced to a Big Bang song & had a lot of fun dancing to it! If you can't tell who I am... I'm the girl with really long hair at the RIGHT side :D 

Anyways, only a few entered and I was the first one to submit the video! Sadly, this video didn't win the hearts of the judges... I was pretty bummed out that I wouldn't be able to meet Aimee, which was the whole point of joining. So it was definitely to out surprise that we effortlessly found her!!! I was definitely starstruck... all I've learned about posing & smiling was gone and so I ended up looking like a big dork beside her! NOOOOOO! HAHA. May I add that she is so awesome for being so friendly & sweet because she is! I was seriously starstruck though... ugghhh! Being like this to her... what more when I actually meet Big Bang??! Uggghhh. I need to prepare myself for that! >.<

Anyways... we decided to vlog that day just to commemorate that after 6 years of being Big Bang fans (my sisters & I loved them ever since they debuted... I was almost 16 years old then! XD)! I guess now you'll know what I sound like and how weird I am...ohh well! HAHA. >.<

Excuse the weird positioning of my face... its my first try to vlog! XD

Moving on...
Here is my outfit for that memorable event!
Lace Coral top - Forever 21 / Leather SHorts - JCPenny / Silver Chain necklace - gift from my friend in the Philippines / Thick silver bangle - another gift.

My face for the night!

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in Tan
M.A.C. Studiofix Powder in NC34
E.L.F. Blush in Coy
E.L.F  Bronzer from the Blush & Bronzer Duo.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Dollface Cosmetic's 88 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Dollface Cosmetic's 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
Rimmel London Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Black 001
Palladio Herbal Eyeliner in Pure Black PRE01
Covergirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara in Very Black
Japanese False Eyelashes
Nichido Extra Waterproof, Protective Eye Pencil (Eyebrows)
L'oreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner in 915 Silver Lighting
Lenses: Geo Super Nudy Brown (XCH-624) [-1.25 & -1.00]

Urban Decay's Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in PUNCH DRUNK.

After the concert, we were waiting for my dad to pick us up... a girl from a group approached us and asked if we were going out to party somewhere! HAHA. I guess we really dressed up because honestly not a lot people did unlike the 2NE1 concert (which I haven't blogged about yet!).  That concert date was just added due to demand of people but I guess the rest of the people who actually went that day aren't die hard V.I.P.ers like us cuz' hello! The concert was the party!!! >.< Anyways, we probably looked like we were from L.A. but no we're we had no idea where to party at then. My sister & cousin decided to do a mini photoshoot at the hotel lobby before hitting the sack instead! :D

So yeah... I can't believe I saw Big Bang perform live!
They are truly wonderful in performing...sounds like the track but its definitely live.
The dancing was very nice as well... I'm also very happy to see their loyal dancers perform, as well.

Live Seungri said, "Dreams do come true!" but it will be even better when I actually meet them...hopefully in the future!

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instagram: beekyoote

If you like my vlog or dance video...tell me & I'll do it more!
Thanks for reading!

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