My 3rd Blogging Anniversary History + Giveaway [CLOSED]

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Hey Guys!
You read it right! It's actually been a little over three years since I started blogging in general and this is going to be a giveaway for all my lovely followers in the Philippines!

But before that, let me take you back to three years ago!

This is my original blog. This came to life on January 2010. I think I was on my junior year in university and on my way to getting my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing! I was from the U.S. but went back to the Philippines in order to get my degree quickly. Yup, I was by myself for the last two years in college. I think I was very stressed and found comfort in participating in online forums. I went from boyish to makeup addict with all the posts about makeup! Looking back, all I pretty much did were hauls, haha!

Now for this blog... One day I surveyed my old blog and decided to leave it in order to make a better one (the kind that didn't only blog about my impulsiveness!). I've also thought that I wasn't happy about my blog name, url & etc. I then started this one! I started off being "the beauty aijin" to becoming simply "bee" with her "kyoote blog". I've used the word kyoote, pronounced as CUTE,  because I used this word so much during HS to the point that my friends think about me when they hear/see that specific word! I obviously didn't start out that great, but with the help of my sisters I think that my blog's decency increased significantly! LOL.

No, I'm not the best beauty blogger out there but I just love doing what I do! I love meeting people through this virtual world and learning a lot from them! So today, I'm giving back!

Here's the prizes of my simple giveaway!
I picked the prizes above due to it's popularity and I hope to share them with you all!
They will be sent to the Philippines and when the winners are selected will be sent by my friend!
I promise you all that this came from my moolah! For real! :)

I will be giving away not only 1 set of these goodies but two sets! YAY! Now, this giveaway is only for Philippine Residents because they will be on their way to the Philippines tonight! I apologize to my other readers... maybe in the future! :)

How to Join (MANDATORY*):
Do the following in order to be counted in the giveaway.
1. LIKE my Facebook page Bee. *
2. (a) LIKE this picture & (b) LEAVE A COMMENT about  
3. Click the LIKE Facebook button at the end of this post.*
4. Recommend my blog on Google! 
Click the G+ Button above my blogger profile picture at the upper left. *

OPTIONAL for Extra Points: 
If you do this, please FILL UP THE RAFFLECOPTER FORM below as NEEDED.
Only accepted if you have done the Mandatory steps.
  1. Follow me via Google Friend Connect (+5 points)
  2. Add me on Google Plus (+1 Points)
  3. Follow me via Bloglovin (+1 point)
  4. Follow me via NetworkedBlogs (+1 point)
  5. Follow me via Instagram: @beekyoote (+1 point)
  6. Add me to your blog roll. (+3 points)
  7. Follow me via Twitter: beekyoote (+2 points)
  8. Tweet this: "Check out @beekyoote's Third Blogging Anniversary Giveaway #beekyooteblog " (+1 point/day)
  9. Share this in Facebook: " Join @Bee.'s Third Blogging Anniversary Giveaway! Check it out! " (+1point/day) [Please ensure that Bee. is TAGGED in your public post!] 
  10. Comment ON THIS POST honestly saying (1) what you like about this blog, (2) what you want to see more of, and (3) what I can improve on. (+1 point) [For Anonymous Comments: Please leave your Facebook name with your comment!]
  11. Post the first picture on your blog sidebar with a LINK TO THIS POST. (+1 point).
Giveaway is tentatively open until March 25, 2013 11:59PM Pacific Time.
Giveaway closing date may be moved depending on situation on the sending end.
One winner will be selected for the Mandatory part at random of the giveaway & another will be selected from the Optional part of the giveaway via Rafflecopter. Winners of the giveaway will be announced here in this post and will need to respond within 24 hours or else another winner will be selected.


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  1. (1)What I love about this blog that it has a lot of varieties, not only food, but adventure and make-ups too! :) I can learn from them.
    (2) I want to see tutorials on make-ups ♥
    (3) Cant really say, we are on the same page as a blogger! Just keep on blogging :)

    1. Thanks for joining! Ahhh, makeup tutorials... Let's see! XD

  2. (1) what you like about this blog - I definitely love your idea of KPop Mondays! I'm not really a KPop addict though, but I'm a forever fan of 2ne1, Bigbang, Lee Hi and all other YG Entertainment talents. I really enjoy reading your Kpop Mondays post. I also adore your FOTD and makeup reviews. It's really helpful and I learn a lot. Thank you! :)
    (2) what you want to see more of - More KPop features, makeup hauls, FOTD tutorials and travel post :)

    Congrats on your 3rd blogversary dear! :) Wish you have more blogversaries to com! God bless <3 <3 <3

    1. Mmmm... my Kpop posts... I have been slacking off on that area! Thanks for the reminder! :D

  3. I love most on your blog is your makeup reviews! I am really inlove with makeup & reading your reviews makes me feel more safe on using a particular product. I just wish to see more about fashion :) Thankyou and Happy Anniversary. May Godbless you more..

  4. I love your make-up reviews as it gives us ideas on what to buy or not. :) I woul like to see more of you fangirling on k-pop artists hihihi!

    1. Fangirling?! haha. I haven't been blogging about that in awhile! Yes, I think I will! :D

  5. Love your blog it's so cute & also random things you post which is very interesting to see more product review & Hauls ...Happy Anniversary :)

    1. I try to be cute! HAHAHA. Yes, I'm pretty random :D

  6. What I love about your blogs?the simple layout, i hope you teach me.hehehe aside from that, I also love reading about make ups and fashions get up. I woul want to see more reviews in make ups, or anythng under the sun that could be helpful and interesting.

    Happy Aniversary!Keep on posting!

    1. I'll try to be as interesting as possible! TEEHEE.

  7. (1) what you like about this blog - the variety! and you have a way of making your posts interesting and fun to read :)

    (2) what you want to see more of - make-up reviews! and hauls :)

    1. Yes, I will continue to do so! Thanks :)


Thanks for the love! <3