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It's been 5 months since I dyed my hair with HBC's Hortaleza Professional Hair Color in Light Copper Blonde in the Philippines. You can see how much hair has grown and how much I need to color in.

I know I said I have saved 1/2 a tube of hair color from my last session but I thought my hair color wasn't as orange as I wanted to be in its current state... so I then decided to color all my hair, as well!

ION Color Brilliance Creme in Light Copper Blonde ($5) from Sally's Beauty Supply.
I've used this even before I used the one from Hortaleza. I was 16 years old and got addicted to chopping my hair and dyeing it because of my Japanese friends in college. Then I moved to the Philippines to get my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and so I made the switch to Hortaleza due to its availability and the fact it is very affordable! The ION Color Brilliance Creme is actually not as expensive as the hair color boxes by L'oreal or Revlon. The hair developer that needs to be mixed with this cost me $3 for 946ml which will last many hair coloring sessions.

Two tubes of the ION Color Brilliance Creme and equal parts hair developer,
I spent one and a half hours coloring my roots then colored in the rest of my hair.
Here's the result!

If you follow me on twitter, I've said that I've left the dye on my hair for a total of four and a half hours! I know its bad for the hair, but its going to be the same damage if I bleach my hair and then leave on the hair color for a short time!

Yes, my ends are dry... I haven't cut them for 5 months because I am aiming for really long hair now the weather is tolerable. And I'm beginning to think I should have left the hair color on my roots longer than one and a half hours before coloring in the rest of my hair... Oh well, I still have half the tube from Hortaleza anyways and I could color it in later.

Read my last post on my crazy hair coloring venture HERE!

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  1. Looks shiny and healthy to me! I've never dyed my hair but I should consider it, now that I can see some whites (sob sob...) xx

  2. You look great. Don't worry! :)

  3. you've got a nice hair color there. ;) and woah, you left it on your hair real long, but yeah the results are still great. ;)

  4. @cbsg5861: Don't worry about it too much! I hope you have fun coloring your hair when you do! ^_^

    @Abby M.:thanksss! ^_^

    @Wonder Woman: Awwww... Thank you! ^_^

    @Charlene B.: I have to leave it really long in order to get the color I want without bleaching my hair! THANK YOU! <3

  5. When the roots starts to grow...that's one thing I hate when I color my hair. I will switch back to me natural black hair soon. See you soon! <3

  6. waah I've been wanting to have my hair dyed too, but agree with MissGennD, everytime I think about "when the roots starts to grow" it annoys me much >.< btw what song u have here as a backsound? I looove it ^^

  7. You're pretty crazy.. 4 1/2 hours? wow! Use conditioner to make it smoother and shinier.

  8. I've never tried dying my hair on my own. I go to parlors often for safety. But yours look great :D


  9. @MissGennD: I know its a pain but I just love the color! Teehee. Hopefulyy! <3

    @Rindodo: Its by Big Bang. Somebody to Love :)

    @Mitch: Yes, Sis! ^_^

    @Tootsie Jean: Thank you! :)

  10. @wickeRmoss: Thank you! It's my default hair color.. LOL :)


Thanks for the love! <3