KPop Mondays: Hyuna's Trouble Maker.

1:55 PM bee. 2 Comments

Have you seen it?
X-Wonder Girl and current 4Minute member HYUNA is sizzling the KPOP music scene with her latest work Trouble Maker!

The plot can be compared to Justin Timbrlake's Sexy Back... truthfully, it isn't a very good comparison at all.... And oh, the music is remind me of Ciara's & Justin T.'s Love, Sex, and Magic as well.... Hmmm.

Nonetheless its a pretty HOT video.

Hyuna is already sexy, you know...

Do you think its too much sexiness?
From one of her live performances.

In any case... she is stunning!

Watch the music video for yourself!

I still love HYUNA!

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  1. I like Hyuna but it seems like she tries SO hard to be sexy. It should just be natural and IDK if it's her or her company but it's like they shove the fact that she's supposed to be some sex pot down our throats. OVER IT!

    I like the song though!

  2. I think she already is sexy and doesn't need to tried hard at all... I'm thinking its her company who wants her to do all that highly sexualized poses and etc. I still love her though! :)


Thanks for the love! <3