Christmas Wish List 2011.

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Hey guys!
Since everyone has been blogging about their wish list.. I thought I'd blog about mine! Teehee. Now, if we were talking about material stuff... I sure would love o get a iPod iTouch as a replacement for my STOLEN iPod Nano! You read it right, STOLEN! By a couple of kids in Taekwondo class who refuses to give it back... They found my nano on the floor and made a big fuss about it in front of our master (but he didn't know it wasn't theirs) and a couple weeks later, when asked where my ipod was at, they "don't know". Funny right??? I sound like I'm ranting here... well, I had that nano for a good 2 years! Now, all I have left of it is the ipod case my cousin gave me two years ago (it was found in the garbage)! I love listening to music and it helps me get through the tough times and now... I feel naked without it.

I don't want an ipad because its too big to go jog with... Not an iPhone because I don't need a phone and would prefer something that is an Android... The itouch  would be great for checking on my emails, facebook, and etc. faster than using a computer or laptop a long with the music trip and video watching!

Truthfully, I don't need more makeup at all! I could survive with the clothes I have with now... But if asked if I wanted a material object... that would be it. ACTUALLY, I WOULDN'T WANT ONE IF MY NANO WASN'T STOLEN!!! Grrrrrr... But whatever, what goes around comes around. And it's the Christmas Season... So whatever... :P

On to the important stuff, I would like to be admitted to take the NCLEX soon and pass it, please. The NCLEX is the nursing exam here in the US... I feel too much like a bum nowadays... I need to start working so I can afford being a beauty blogger and give back to my readers! Gahhhh! LOL. XD

That's all I could come up with...

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  1. Noooo, those naughty kids! They do deserve a kick in the butt... to say the least! :P

  2. Haha. I know right?! I was like "it's okay" but even a little girl who was listening in the conversation with our master was like "NO IT's NOT!"... HAHA :D

  3. WHAT! That's so rude, I would die if someone stole my phone or my ipod (before IT died!) ><
    I HOPE YOU ARE ADMITTED TO TAKE THE NCLEX AND PASS! School is so stressful, bah!

    Also, it's refreshing to see a list that isn't so materialistic. Christmas to me is more about the food than the presents. lol (food junkie!)

  4. ipod touch sure is nice! hey, here's my fb page btw:

    keep in touch! xoxo


  5. MissFeelo: I know right?.. Oh well. Kids are kids!

    And yeah, its all about the food! LOL XD

    @Locke: Heyyyyy! You're back! ^_^

  6. Best wishlist. My wishlist for you, go, GET IT NOW. It would be great for you to get over with the stolen sad but you have to. lol

  7. Haha. It looks like I'm not getting this! I got a phone instead! XD


Thanks for the love! <3