UPDATE!: I'm back!

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hey guys! we like s'moressss! n_n
Carmel Beach, CA.

Hey guys!
I'M BAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK! Sorry for being away so long! I'm actually back here in the U.S. for a few weeks now. Again, sorry for not making a comeback sooner! But now, I should be getting back on track because I've missed blogging terribly! T.T

A lot has happened from my last post up till now but I haven't worked on the photos yet. And ohhh... I just turned a year older the other! HAHA. I'm still in my early twenties... but gawd! I started blogging when I was 18 or 19-ish...wow! Been quite awhile huh? 

So... you guys noticed my new hair???

These pictures were taken the day before my birthday... I wanted to commemorate my last day in efforts to stay forever young! HAHA.

So yeah.. MY HAIR! Or mg BANGS I should say! I wanted to cut it like the same old side swept style I always do...but due to much excitement... I accidentally made it a little short! I had to cut more bangs to cover up my hair blunder & to fully hide it I resorted to go full on "coconut" hairstyle! LOL.

Anyways... I don't have my same old laptop I always had ever since college. It was given away to my cousin  when I was in the Philippines. All I have right now is this small red Acer notebook lying around here at home. I need to get used to it in editing photos & what not but I swear to be back in the blogging world since I missed this community sooo much!

So yeah... if you guys wanna see my travel adventures just leave me a comment & I'll get to it! I got a giveaway coming soon & of course, makeup related stuff we all love! TEEHEE.


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  1. Welcome back! hahaha love the new hair. :) The minny mouse headband is so cute

  2. Welcome back!! You look so pretty with the new hairstyle and bangs..You remind me of a female celebrity in the Philippines just forgot her name though..hehe.. ^_~

    1. Do I really? HAHA. Thank you, Janet! ^_^

  3. I feel the same way. At least both of us are back right now. loooooove the hair. it's so cute :)))


    1. hey Jean! Yay us! :DDD I love the hair too...but its no longer like that... huhu... LOL XD

  4. I love your new hair and I like the necklace :DD


Thanks for the love! <3