My Bee~Day + I LOVE YOU COVER [2NE1] & BTS.

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Off to work on my Bee~Day! :>
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Heyyyy guys!
It's actually been a week since my Bee-Day and the fact I am another year older (NOOOOOO! LOL XD) but I want to share with you what I did on that special day that only comes once a year with you all! :D

Have you guys heard 2NE1's I LOVE YOU yet???
Go watch/listen to it! I love the song & the girls look great! 

   It's been released for over a month now... I was still in the Philippines when it came out so it's only recently when my younger sister, gabby aka  , has decided to work on a cover of this song! And oh, she did it in collaboration with my even younger cousin Madelene of madeelynmusic  this time! My sister 's room is right across mine, so when Madelene slept over it was hard not to hear them working till 5am getting their Korean right over & over again! Yes! They were still up till that time in the morning recording the song! As soon as they were done... filming the music video was in order! And whatdyaaaknow??! It was my BEE~DAY! HAHA. Of all days right?? But since I'm nice, despite it being my special day... like always I worked as the "voice-activated-light-stand", "illuminator", and "baggage girl"! YEE! :DDD

Let me share some pictures of my special work! LOL.

My other sister, Roxanne, is resposible for taking & editing the video, by the way!

Our choice for the location of the video is none other than the beautiful Carmel-By-the-Sea! We've been here a couple of times...I probably should get posts up more about this place! XD We went from alleys, streets, to the beach! Mind you, I think I forgot to add that I also act as a behind-the-scenes camera person! LOL :D 

After a long day of getting ready & actual filming.. we still had dinner over at Islands. Since it was just us kids, big burgers were our choice to celebrate the remains of my Bee~Day :)
I enjoyed my veggie burger very much & the oh so delicious Chocolate Lava which we shared and was gone in less than 5 mins! HAHA.

 Overall, my BEE~DAY wasn't bad at all depsite having to "work"... it carried out the tradition of somehow ending up the beach ever since I was 14 years old. So yay me! 

Now, for the fruit of our hard work... 
watch Gabby' & Madelene's I LOVE YOU COVER! :D
If you look closely at the first 20 secs of the video... you'll find me! LOL.
Hint: I'm right beside a tripod! XDDD

The girls entered this video for a 2NE1 contest as well...
So if you're all feeling nice please create and account on (you can use your twitter or even facebook account) & vote for them!

Can't believe I started blogging when I was 18-ish... and now I'm older! HAHA.
Thanks for the love everyone!


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  1. looks like you really enjoyed. The cover is amazing. it sounds good. and the lighting of the music video is amazing. good job!

    1. Thanks for checking it out, Jean! Mwaa! <3


Thanks for the love! <3