Mini Haul!

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Hey guys!
I'm back with a mini haul! Yay!
Let's get to it ^_^

Da Vinci Creme Hair Color
So way back before I left for the Philippines, my roots were starting to show but I didn't bother getting it done then and during the whole vacation. Baaad! I know! Ever since I got my blunt bangs it became even more apparent that I NEED to color it up. So finally, I got this! If you read any of my older hair posts, I either use HBC (when in the Philippines) or ION Color Brilliance Creme (from Sally's Beauty Supply) but I wasn't in the area for any of those. This cost $10 per tube... I hope this works! HAHA. I got in the color Light Golden Copper Blonde like always. TEEHEE.

Palladio Herbal Eye Liner
So while in the same beauty shop where I got the 2 tubes of hair color, they had the makeup brand Palladio standing near the cashier. I've heard lots of good reviews on the makeup brand both here and in the Philippines. After looking around, I thought of getting this  because I remembered I was all out of a black eyeliner. It's waterproof & retractable for about $5.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
After the mall, we dropped by Walmart! I was in search of a new tube of concealer from Hard Candy, but they didn't have the brand there T.T I thought I have lost my old one when we were in the Philippines but it turns out my younger sister has it! YAY! Anyways, I didn't want to leave the store empty handed... and I saw this! I instantly remembered that I lost my Revlon gel eyeliner and have none at the moment anyways... So yeah! Can't wait to try this out! I think this cost $5 as well.

With gAbbYrOckzz at the Nike Store.
The day of the mini haul.
Say goodbye to my hideous roots & most of my hair...
I'm currently getting my hair dyed and the past hours just got my hair cut!
I'll reveal what it looks like in another post.

Thanks for dropping by!


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  1. Thanks so much for subbing to my youtube! Means a lot to me. :)

    ohhhh have you tried out that rimmel liner yet? let me know how it goes

    1. Hey no problem! :D

      Not yet..but I will soon! :)))


Thanks for the love! <3