My NEW (OLD) HAIR... Again?!

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Hey guys! 
I know I've just posted up "my new hair" but oh look! I got it cut AGAIN! 
So if ya'll remember it was THIS.
To what is now THIS....

My sister intended to cut off all the dead ends because I honestly haven't taken care of my hair so much T.T
It took me a year to grow it out so long... only to return to what is reminiscent of my 16-year-old hair.
beekyoote @ 16.
That was the time I was dedicated to Taekwondo, a Korean Martial Art.
Only difference is it isn't as choppy and as short.

I dyed my hair as well using the Da Vinci hair color. Left it on for 4 hours before rinsing it off.It's not as orange as I'd like but I still like it anyways.But I think I'll go back to using the brand I always get from Sally's Bauty Supply store.

My younger sis says having my hair like this is a sign I'm getting back into Taekwondo & she's right!
I started yesterday again after being gone for more than half a year!
I feel slightly sore but wow! I survive yesterday's class! Wootwoot!

To see my extensive HAIR history check out this post:

Thanks for reading!


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