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 Pictures taken under cast lighting and on a windy day at my backyard! :D
My hair is quite orangey now. The roots were getting out of control, so I dyed them a couple of days before our Puck'd shows. I used Da Vinci in Light Copper Blonde (as usual) but let it stay up to 6 hours this time. The results were bright orange roots, making my whole hair look ombre'. I decided to re-color the rest of my hair the night before the first Puck'd show to even it out. I'm pretty content with it at the moment. Last time my hair was this orange was when I used HBC's products back in 2007. 

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Here's my instagram shot of my new hair... 
lighting from my window & no filter.

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  1. Have you ever colored your hair dark copper blond? If you did how came out this color on black hair? is it orange red , red or burgundy , reddish color?


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