Most Worn Tag (Summer 2012 Edition).

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Plantation Bay. Cebu, Philippines.

Hey Guys!
So yeah, this tag has been going around youtube...particularly here in the US because summer just ended and we're heading in to Fall season right now. This may be a late for my readers in the Philippines but hey! It's almost always summer over there right??? And besides I'll share with you what I've been using during the my whole vacation when I was there!

Be warned! I have changed the order of the tag & added something extra, too! :D

Most Worn Nail Polish.
Neon Pink Nail Polish by Klik.
This is my must have nail polish all summer long! I first fell in love with the one made by Sassy Colors but they no longer offer that color... so one day when I went to the Salon to find this available and luckily I also fouit aviable in stores in the Philippines (LCC Daraga to be exact if you're in Bicol!).
Most Worn Hair Product.
Paul Mitchel Smoothing Super Skinny Serum.
 My long hair was not easy to manage and had to be tamed down with a straightening iron... every time I do that, I apply this to protect my hair from the heat and give my hair that healthy shine!

Most Worn Scent.
The Doft's Dawn Eu de Toilette.
 My favorite copy cat scent brand in the Philippines. They offer pretty good knock offs at a reasonable price. I hoarded a bunch when I was in college and still love it until now. Dawn is supposedly a scent from Escada. Very summery and sweet scent! I love this!

Most Worn Mascara.
CoverGirl's Lash Blast Fusion (Waterproof).
We got this before leaving for the Philippines. I think it does the job well enough to hold my lashes and not melt off when I sweat a little or when it rains.

Most  Worn Foundation.
MAC Studiofix Powder Plus Foundation in NC43.
Look at the huge dent I've made! I cannot go without this. Either I do bb cream and this or just concealer plus this... it is my must have forever!
I actually used my Revlon Colorstay Foundation when I was there. If you read my review post, I heavily disliked it... but in humid weather it was simply awesome!

Most Worn Eyeshadow & Blush/Bronzer.
E.L.F. Studio 27 Piece Mini Makeup Collection.
When I left for the Philippines, I only brought this bunch of eyeshadows a long with me! I'm glad I did because it has all the basics I need! Can you tell by the big dent I've made on the brown eyeshadow & the bronzer??? HAHA. I initially had my E.L.F. blush in Shy with me but that I turned to using the blush that came with this. When I did a smokey eye look, I used the darker color of this collection as well. For more detailed review on this item check out the initial review & the swatches!

Most Worn Lip Product.
Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick. No. 12.
This was a new lippie I stole from my mum when we were in the Philippines. It was meant to be given away butI stole it because of its wonderful color! I already love orange lippies...but this orangey-red color looked so enticing I grabbed it and wore it everyday since!

Most Worn Bag.
Silver clutch from Charming Charlie.
 What I turn to when I go out for the night and when I simply don't have a lot of thing to be lugging around. Turned out to be a very useful Christmas gift, indeed! Read my post on this here.
 But wait! My duffel bag from TravelProducts has also been mostly worn every time I went out to travel! Check out the post here.

Most Worn Accesories.
My Tommy Hilfiger watch & my key necklace from Forever21.

Plantation Bay. Cebu, Philippines.
My lovely sunnies from SunglassManOnline... which were lost to the sea when we went surfing at Rizal Beach, Gubat, Sorsogon. Sigh.

Most Worn Outfit. (Most Worn Clothing Item & Shoes)
Magellan's Cross. Cebu, Philippines.
 That green top (and  those shorts) which I got when I was in Chicago and those Guess wedges.I've had a lot of outfits I repeat but this has got to be my most attention-catching get up I turned to when I would go out and about then. 
For a better look at my shoes, here it is...
 I basically used these babies everywhere when going out during the whole vacation!

So yeah, that's it for now... 
If you want to do the tag, go ahead!
Here is the original list for the tag:
1) Most worn nail polish
2) Most worn hair product
3) Most worn bag
4) Most worn shoes
5) Most worn accessories
6) Most worn clothing item
7) Most worn foundation
8) Most worn blush and/or bronzer
9) Most worn lip product
10) Most worn mascara
11) Most worn eyeshadow

I need to post up what I actually bought from my vacation.
Hopefully that will be soon!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Nice tag!! :) You def made use of a lot of products!

    1. That isn't all of it though! HAHA. Thanks :)

  2. Cebu cebu!! I'm itching to blog about my cebu trip when I stumble upon your blog andrea! more power to your blog!:)

    1. You should blog about it! ...and maybe I should do it to! HAHAHA.
      Thank you, Riza! <3

  3. Interesting find in your kikay loot. Thank you for sharing your photos of Plantation Bay. :)

    1. Wow. This is a surprise! HAHA. I plan on blogging more about my stay there! Thank you for visiting my blog! I love the place, by the way! :)

    2. You're welcome. And thank you too. Looking forward to reading it. :)

  4. This is a pretty neat tag! I don't think I can pinpoint my most worn anything though. haha


Thanks for the love! <3