Magayon Festival 2012: Ginoo ng Magayon Coronation Night

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The Search for Ginoo ng Magayon.
April 14, 2012.
Albay Astrodome, Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines.

I just came from a pool party before attending the event in support of a friend who entered the pageant. Being late, my friends were only able to find seats at the top left bleachers of the place... Luckily, I had my super zoom camera with me to take shots. Unfortunately, it was hard to get a good still shot. LOL.

My friends and I were present to support candidate no. 15, Go TUD! ;)
My really good guy friend found no. 5's attire very eye catching... I think so too! :D
The rest are shots of the other candidates.

And the last shot, which you can barely tell what it is, is the lovely LOVIE POE
She has such an awesome voice!!! She even went down from the stage and interacted with her fans while singing! Freaking awesome right?! Talented, indeed!  Too bad, I was too far up and too lazy to squeeze in the wild crowd to go near her... boohoo! And my zoom camera could do all the zooming it can but if the subject moves... its all a blur. So, I apologize for not having any pictures to show of her awesomeness.

I did tweet her the day after and she was sooo sweet to tweet back! :D
Yeee! Fangirl mode on! :DDD

I got tons of stuff to post up... 
Sorry for being away for too long!

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  1. Everyone looks like a model! haha

    1. Yup! They have to be like that to be in this contest! :D


Thanks for the love! <3